What is the IE key-combination that reloads the previous page?

It has happened to me numerous times. I am typing merrily along, just thiiiiiis close to finishing the greatest post in the history of history when all of a sudden, I hit shift-somethingorother and bam! Flash! Squizzit! Mwop! The browser makes a clicking sound, and finally settles onto the prior page. I curse loudly, and then I click the forward button only to find the original quoted text without so much as a word of my earth shattering and life changing exposition.

What the heck have I done? I’m afraid to try random key-combinations until I hit the one that is the culprit, because I might accidentally select the one that enrolls me in a Microsoft knock-off of AOL with a monthly subscription of $139.95 or something.

Any help?

ALT+ Left Arrow

Oddly enough, I make this mistake more often now with Firefox than I did with IE (no idea why - it’s the same control). Just so happens that Firefox retains your form input if you do something like that.

Not “browser whoring” for FF but sharing a friendly tidbit if you’re interested.

If your textbox has lost focus, BACKSPACE might be doing it to you.

Alt <— will take you back but the good news is that Alt —> will restore your in process post. Give it a try as an experiment.