What is the most times you've watched a movie (and what movie was it?)

Or a ballpark guess.

I’ve seen Dogs In Space probably 30 times… not sure if that’s the most for any movie, but it’s probably close.

As a slight tangent, my father-in-law’s husband has never watched ANY movie twice. :eek:

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some of these, but it averages to about once a year (more frequently than that right after I discovered the particular film).

"Pride and Prejudice" 1996 A&E version starring Colin Firth. There’s also a 1979 (or '80) version starring David Rintoul that is, in some ways, superior to the A&E version (they both have their strengths) and I used to watch that annually until I mislaid the tape. But I’ll find it and start watching it again too.

The “Star Wars” saga. Probably 10 - 15 times over the years, each.

"Sabrina", the '90s version starring Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond (sp?). Don’t laugh, I just liked it. The Audrey Hepburn version is also a favorite.

"Local Hero", starring Peter Reigert and Burt Lancaster. Maybe I’ve seen it 10 times. But that’s a lot for me.

"Bus Stop", starring Marilyn Monroe. Probably 10-15 times over the years.

"While You Were Sleeping", starring Sandra Bullock. Seen it about 5-10 times.

"The Apartment", starring Jack Lemmon. Probably close to 10 times over the years, maybe more than that. (I’m watching it again now!)

"Soldier", starring Kurt Russel. Please, now, please. Don’t laugh. It’s a guilty pleasure. I’ve seen it over 5 times.

I keep on watching Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts in Conspiracy Theory when it shows up on cable. I’m sure I’ve seen it over 5 times.

"Buckaroo Banzai", starring Peter Weller, Jeff Goldblum and Ellen Barkin. Love this movie. I’m sure I’ve seen it over 10 times.

A few months ago I discovered “Rustlers Rhapsody” and “The Last of the Dogmen” (both starring Tom Berenger) and I can tell they will be perenial favorites. They prompted me to do a whole Tom Berenger filmfest (which, thankfully, has concluded).

There are a few more, I am sure, which will come to me later. I see a trend with several of these titles—light comedies. They relax me, I guess.

I’ve seen Airheads probably 10 times in the last… 2 years. I have TiVo set to record things with Brendan Fraser (shut up! So I have a crush. Big deal!) and Comedy Central seems to run this movie fairly often, so I end up watching it again.

Brendan Fraser. Hmmm… Can’t blame you for that—I’ve got a bit of a crush myself. (I should add “The Mummy” to my list…)

Rocky Horror Picture Show holds the record for me… I stopped counting at 200…

Others would be The Breakfast Club which I’d seen enough times that I could recite nearly the entire movie beginning to end, and Galaxy Quest which ran as a demo DVD in my store for a very long time.

The Wizard Of Oz at least 30 times, every time it’s been on TV, on rental several times, and at least once in a theater when I was a kid (no, not when it was originally released…I’m not that much of a geezer!).

King Kong (the original version). It used to get a lot of play on TV. I must have seen it 20 times. I like it much better than the 70’s version. That Fay Wray was a dish. (That’s geezer talk for “she was pretty hot.”) I hear she had to have a scream test before she was cast. :wink:

Damn Yankees, also shown frequently on TV (some years ago).

The Music Man many times, including a preview performance in the once grand Crown Theater in Pasadena, CA a few weeks before the picture went to general release. The audience didn’t know what they would see, as it had been announced as a sneak preview. The speculation ended and the audience applauded when they saw the name Meridith Willson on the screen, and then applauded after every scene, even though none of the actors was there to hear them. It may not be the best musical (that’s probably West Side Story), but it’s always been my favorite.

Really long movies I’ve seen several times include Gone With The Wind and Spartacus.

I should add The Quiet Man, one of my all time favorites. I haven’t counted the times but it’s been quite a few. I own that one and watch it about once a year.

I once watched The Crow five times in five days…

I’ve also seen Highlander, Mortal Kombat and Star Wars perhaps 20 times each. (Counting spec-eds, I’ve seen Star Wars 11 times in the cinema.)

Not including the ones that are frequently re-run on TV; I can’t count how many times I’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life or The Wizard of Oz

I ended up seeing the original Star Wars six times in the theater, so I made it a point to see the other two at least that many times. I really didn’t want to see Return of the Jedi again after the third time, but it’d become a mini-tradition at that point. All totaled I’ve probably seen the first Star Wars movie around 20 times – considering that I don’t own a copy of it in any format, that’s saying something.

I’ve seen Fantasia about a dozen times, only once in a theater however. Considering that I’ve never gotten high before watching it, that’s saying something.

And for marathon viewing, when I was in the height of my Lord of the Rings fixation, I saw The Fellowship of the Ring (on DVD) five times in one week. Considering that I’m not a woman with the hots for Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortensen, that’s saying something.

Wizard Of Oz (over 30 times)
Casablanca (probably 50 times if not more)
Gone With The Wind (about 10)
Lord Of The Rings (both films twice - so far…)
Harold and Maude (5 plus the stage version in Berlin)
Citizen Cane (10 or more)
Cabaret (at least 15 times)

Other than those, I have seen very few films more than once, even if I like the film a lot.

Generally i have a hard time psyching myself up to see a movie more then once a year so I assumed it would be Star Wars with about 12 or so times over the past 20 something years.

But the real winner I now know is A Christmas Story thanks to the 24 hour christmas marathon on … TNT? for the past few years. We just put it on in the morning and leave it on all day.

“The Usual Suspects”

At least 20 times. Never, EVER gets tireseome.

There are a lot of movies I’ve seen many, many times over the years, but couldn’t say exactly how many. Some estimates:

A Room with a View - My favorite movie. I’ve watched it about once a month for the last 15 years (180 times or thereabouts). Also the other Merchant-Ivory/Forster movies, Howard’s End and Maurice, must be close to 100 times each.

Gone With The Wind - at least once a year since I was 9 (~30 times).

Wizard Of Oz - at least once a year since 3 or 4 (~35 times).

Rocky Horror Picture Show - I went every Saturday night in college, and still watch it fairly regularly on TV or DVD (100 times, maybe more).

I know I’ve seen Fellowship of the Ring 35 times, but that’s because that’s only been in the past year or so, and it’s easy to keep count.

Movies I’ve seen more than 20 times:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Princess Bride
Yellow Submarine
The Wizard of Oz
Pulp Fiction
Dead Man
The Wall
(The Giorgio Moroder version that people seem to love to hate)

Apart from Princess Bride, Dune and Wizard of Oz, the sound track is a significant factor in the appeal. For example, Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host” in Romeo+Juliet, Yello’s “Oh Yeah” in Ferris Bueller.

My all time, most watched movie would have to be Transformers: the movie. In my own defence, I was a child and slightly obsessed with them.

Then there are the usuals.

Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Princess Bride.

I’ve also seen Saving Private Ryan and Maveric quite a few times.

Lastly, do MST3K movies count? If they do, put Manos: The Hands of Fate and Mitchell right near the top.

oooops, that would be Maverick wouldn’t it. :rolleyes: I fear I shouldn’t try to spell before I’ve had my morning tea

I know I’ve watched these movies more than 5 times apiece:

-Thomas Crown Affair - I really enjoyed Pierce Brosnan’s character. And I liked the twist at the end as well.

-The Rock & Armageddon - So I am a sucker for Micheal Bay’s movies.

-Star Wars - Own the trilogy on Laserdisc. I shall shed a tear when my player breaks down.

-Fifth Element - errr. no comment.

-The Professional - Good movie. The director’s cut is a little ‘weird’ for my taste though. Enjoyed the hacked down US version a lot more.

-Hero (the Jet Li one, not the Dustin Hoffman stinker) - I enjoyed it more than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Monsters Inc. - The little girl breaks my heart everytime I see her. She is some damn cute. ‘Mike Wazowski!’

Out of the bunch I’ve probably watched Star Wars the most. Saw it twice at the theatre during the original run as a kid. Dammit, if I would have kept all my toys, I would have been a thousandaire by now!

Rocky Horror has to be the record holder for me, as I was heavily into it when I was younger, performing and such.

But if you don’t count that, The Shawshank Redemption, one of the few movies I’ve ever bothered to buy on video. When I’m working in my bedroom, folding laundry and such, if there’s nothing on cable I want to watch, I’ll pop in Shawshank. Don’t know how many times total I’ve seen it, but probably over 100.

Next would be It, my other default movie to watch when I’m working, until I lent it to a friend about 3 years ago, and have never gotten it back.:frowning:

When Beetlejuice first came out on video I must have watched it twenty times over the course of a year. And I’ve seen it hundreds of times since then.

I saw Toy Story in the theater six times during Christmas Vacation 1995 and have watched it dozens of time since then.

I forgot The Wizard of Oz and Rocky Horror and The Wall. Seen those bunches of times.