What's the highest number of times you've seen a movie in the theater?

Last Wednesday, my wife went to see the Alfonso Cuarón movie Gravity

…for the eighth time!!!

There are a few of my favorite movies that I’ve seen eight or more times, but always on TV or DVD; the most times I’ve ever seen a movie at the theater is twice.
My wife says she loves everything about Gravity, and particularly loves the immersive experience of watching it on the big screen. I couldn’t imagine going that many times, especially not in the space of about 6 weeks.

So, what’s your record? What was the movie, and how many times did you see it? And why?

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie more than twice in the theater - usually when I’ve already seen it with friends but my dad still wants to catch it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, four times. Why? Four girls.

I know there a couple of films I’ve seen twice. I think that’s it.

Same here. I’m struggling to think of what movie(s) I may have seen more than once in the theatre, but there must be at least one.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: 14 times, give or take a few. It was a thing back in the late 70’s.

I saw Marvel’s Avengers four times in the theater. Once by myself, because I really wanted to see it. Later I took the kids and my nephew. Then a few weeks later my wife and I went out with another couple and they all wanted to see it, and I didn’t mind seeing it again. Then about two weeks later I was on a business trip walking through the city and I passed a movie theater and I decided to go see whatever was about to start – and it was Avengers again, so I went with it.

Other than that I can’t recall seeing any movie more than once in a theater, although there was one summer I watched Better Off Dead thirty-two times on VHS.

Embarrassingly, the only film I can absolutely remember seeing more than once in the theater is “The Mummy.” I saw it twice.

Summer of 1986 (?) I probably [del]saw[/del] attended showings of Top Gun at least ten times. There wasn’t a lot going on in our small town, but you could always start looking for it at the movie theater.

Titanic and ET both got 5 theater viewings from me.


I saw the sequel to the Blair Witch Project…which is an awful movie, maybe 4 or 5, maybe more times with different friends, my girlfriend at the time, etc. at different times. They all wanted to see it despite my warnings. I could practically recite it word for word then.

I’m hard-pressed to think of anything I saw more than twice in a theater, and that’s counting drive-ins and “art theaters” along with standard theaters. Most likely the multiple viewings would have been pre-TV which for me was mid-1950’s. Big-screen stuff like Cinerama and I-Max was a one-time experience for me. But CinemaScope may have been the sort of thing I’d have seen more than once.

Maybe Rebel Without A Cause or East of Eden, but not Giant. Maybe A Streetcar named Desire.

I’m sure I saw Lawrence of Arabia twice in a theater.

It’s a tough test for my memory. That’s for sure.

I’m really unsure of how many times I saw Rocky Horror or the Wall so discounting the midnight movies, it would be between Star Trek IV (The Whale Movie), Roger Rabbit or Little Shop of Horror. I think it was 4 times for each of them. I did see Ghostbusters twice the same day.

Star Trek IV is saw opening day, went with different friends to a Drive-In, then 2 more times over the next few weeks. It helped my ship was the ship that stood in for the USS Enterprise CVN-65. So my fellow ship-mates were invested in seeing this movie and it was a great movie.

Roger Rabbit, I’m not sure why I saw it so many times, I really enjoyed and through our Special Service department tickets were only $2.25 so it was easy to keep going. Little Shop of Horror kind of was like a Rocky Horror experience for a small group of friends of mine. They went 10+ times, I only went 4.

First Star Wars - 7 times.

Star Wars, 6 times. Twice during its original release (I was 12, and convincing my parents to let me see a movie again took a lot of lobbying), once when it was re-released into theaters a year or so later, and three more times when the Special Edition came out in 1997.

A friend of mine, who was in his early 20s when Star Wars was first in the theaters, and who did not have much of a social life at the time, went to see it every day after work for a month in the summer of 1977. :smiley:

I saw Jurassic Park seven times over the course of its first run in theaters, and then when they put it out in 3D I saw it again.

Eeek, forgot about Rocky Horror. My group of college friends would go to the midnight showing fairly regularly for a year or two; I’d guess I’ve seen it in a theater at least a dozen times.

I stopped counting at 35

I saw Dark Knight three times in theaters. It’s not that I thought it was the greatest thing ever or anything (though I do like it quite a bit), it just turned out that way, seeing it with different people each time.

My wife saw Titanic in the theaters 10 times.

I think I’ve seen the same movie twice in theaters - I’m not sure though and I definitely couldn’t tell you what it was.