What is the must-have toy for Christmas?

I’m soon going to be buying for Toys-For-Tots. What is the *must have *toy this year?

Cobra Camera-Head!

Toy Store owner chiming in…

Bakugan for the older boys.

and the newest Elmo for the younger set.

Thanks for the answers! Are there so few must-own toys or is still just too early?

I like to get the toys now, so that December is kind on my credit card.

I would agree with this. I am not a toy store owner but I am an adult still addicted to cartoons so I watch the Cartoon Network a lot and seriously Bakugan is on way too much for a relatively new show. It’s on in the morning before work, it is on in the evening and it is on in the middle of the night. ( I know becuase when I can’t sleep I watch the Cartoon Network.)

Bakugan is the new Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s the new Yugioh more than the new incarnation of Yugioh is.

I’ve seen commercials for the new Elmo and he looks pretty cool.

I’ll add the new transformers toys. Not the movie versions but the new cartoon versions. They seem simpler and more streamlined so they would be easier to transform for the younger kids.

The Wii, I think.