What will the Christmas fad be this year?

A la Tickle Me Elmo.

Somebody asked me this question today, and I thought I’d throw it to you folks and see what came of it.

My kneejerk response was “any and all things Pokemon”, but I couldn’t think what it might be for the younger set. Rock and Roll Elmo, maybe?

Yep. Pokemon has to get a good X-mas rush before it dies away. I think that’s a fad rule…

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That and the fact the new movie came out in Nov there will be a huge christmas rush.

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There will be a pokemon rush, but there’s enough product to hold it… my guess on this years elmo is that microscope intel put out.

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Who knows? Another thing people feel they “must” get for their children. They will feel this “false need” so strongly that they will engage in fisticuffs with one another to get it. Whatever “it” is this year I won’t be buying it. I’ll do as I’ve done for years: I get the children in my life a few books and write them a story. The story always has them as the main character. And they love this gift far more than some silly toy. My nephew still askes to have last years story read to him.


Ummm, wait a minute. That came off sounding rude. I’m not putting anyone down here, I’m just saying that I don’t buy into this. Sorry if I came off like some kind of asshole. I really didn’t mean to.


::wipes tears from eyes::
Thanks Byz! FTR, I don’t buy into it either, I just thought it would be fun to try and predict what these idiots would be pulling each others hair out over this year.

Hijacking my own thread-One of my friends had a Tickle Me Elmo that she had bought for her neice way before the craze started and was offered $500 for it, but she wouldn’t sell it! What a dope, huh? I mean, gosh, get the kid something else for Christmas and then afterwards, when the hubbub has died down, get her one! I don’t buy into it, but I sure as heck would sell into it!

God! Me too! 500? I’d sell it in a heartbeat and then go get some stuff I really need! As for the OP I think it’s going to be either a Pokemon thing or something from Toy Story II. But then again, I think the whole Elmo thing got started by Rosie O’Donnal (sp?). So tuning into her show might give everyone a heads up.


I’m hoping it will be the Pickle-Me-Elmo. (Beer can and Jack Daniels bottle included, brown paper bag and park bench sold separately, now with more realistic slurred speech!)

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There was a web site with a “shoot me up elmo” with realistic seizures and all!

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Beanies that didn’t make it:

Slimy the Slug
Suckie the Tick
Vinnie the Virus
Amy the Amoeba
Filthy the Fly
Larry the Liver Fluke
Other toys:

Cabbageworm Kids
Crackwhore Barbie
Faggotty Andy

OH MY GOD! You folks are a riot! We gotta get an open mike thing going for comedy around here! Oh, wait, I guess around here EVERYTHING is up for some fun!

(She tries to post while laughing and spewing coffee, AGAIN, on the keyboard!)


Well, now, I know I’d buy Suckie the Tick. Where do I write in to complain?

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It’s all going to be Porkyman Toy Story II this year. My picks are:

Buzzed Lightheaded
limited edition “Strap-on” Woody
(ouch! too sophomoric)
limited edition “Hershey Squirtle”

Also I have to go with
Tickle Dick Elmo
Ass-chin Ken
Under age hooker Barbie
“Out -N-Proud” Tinky Winky

Za’an kho’ku na tenshi no teeze. Kyoko Baby!

I’d say Pokemon. I checked Ebay and there are over 35,000 items up for bidding, in 715 pages.

Burger King started their promotion on Monday. Searching “burger pokemon” produces over 400 Ebay items.

Geez, how do you keep track if you’re a bidder?

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I avoid the toy department at all costs.

Pokemon will probably rule. But I would not edge out Blue’s clues or Big Blue house or whatever it is that Disney has with the large stuffed bear.

My guesses: Q-ball and Wee.bots

Actually… if you look at past history, it generally hasn’t been stuff you expect to be popular. I mean, sure, most kids like Sesame Street, but “Tickle Me Elmo”? Who would have thought THAT would be the gotta-have-it gift?

Clearly NOT the manufacturers or retailers, who would have LOVED to have had enough of them available to sell to everyone that wanted one.

Whatever ends up being the runaway fad, right now it’s got some toy company executive lying awake at night thinking something along the lines of “Man, I pushed to have 20,000 of those things made; if we don’t sell at least 5,000 of them I’ll never work in this industry again.”

What about the new Sega Dreamcast? THAT’S what kids are going to be after. Methinks.