What will the Christmas fad be this year?

My brother-in-law got a Tickle-Me Elmo for his daughter just before the craze started. He kept it for her so she’d have a wonderful Christmas.

Now, of course, the tickle-me dolls are everywhere and not selling. They even have Mr. Smiley Face ones colored for Halloween (orange) and New Year’s (white).

My wife’s cousin’s husband worked at a retail store during the Elmo craze. They couldn’t stock them on the store floor. Instead, they had them all stored in the manager’s office (so the average employee wouldn’t steal one) and potential buyers ahd to register on a list. When they came to pick them up, there was a page for “TME on aisle 6”. Then he’d go get one, hide it in an opaque bag, and bring it to aisle 6.

If Playstation 2 were going to be ready by Xmas, I’d say it’d be the craze gift for this season. Otherwise, dunno.