What is the name of this song?

Its driving me nuts. the lyrics are something like “boy ain’t right, boy ain’t right, suicide fight” or something like that I have typed it in every lyric search I know of. Anyone know what this is?

Give us a clue. Is it rock, rap or what? How old? male/female vocals?

Humm us a bit and we’ll join in :smiley:

Yeah, what rocksolid said. Also, is it featured in a movie, commercial, or TV show?

Could it be Hazard ? by Richard Marx.



You can easily interpret the last two lines of the song as a suicide.

All that comes to mind is Juvenile Committee’s song ‘Flipside.’ which includes the line:

It’s nowhere near a match but has some similarity. Link to whole song (may have a pop-up)


With our uplifting lyrics fix for the day, I’m going to move this to Cafe Society.


I think it was like a 80s song, maybe a punk song, with a female singer

Try this for identifying songs :