What is the name of this song?

One neat thing about the radio in my car is that it will display the song titles and band names of whatever is being played at that moment. I recently heard this song again
for the first time in many years and learned the song title and composer’s name.

And now I can’t remember it. Perhaps someone here might be able to identify
this song.

  • song is from the 1950s (maybe early 60s)
  • title is a woman’s name
  • composer had a short name - first and last name were about 4 or 5 letters each
  • it’s mostly played on an organ
  • song has a slow tempo
  • song was not “The Happy Organ”

Thanks and a happy new year to all that read this!

Anything here ring a bell?

Patricia, by Pérez Prado?

Is the song an instrumental? Do you feel the song was a moderate hit or a major hit?

Is it upbeat or melancholy? Closer to lounge music, rock and roll, C&W, R&B, disco, soul?

The Other Waldo Peper identified it. The song is Patricia, by Pérez Prado.
Thanks for finding the title Waldo!
Link to song:
Perez Prado & His Orchestra - Patricia 1958 - YouTube

Ah, a mambo!