What is the name of this tool?

I am looking for a tool that will allow me to hammer something together without being able to hit directly behind the object. I’m installing hardwood floor and need to tap something in, but it’s too close to the wall to fit the hammer behind it. I can wedge something in so I’m looking for a tool that will let me wedge it in, then hammer the tool itself from a position of more clearance but I don’t know the name of what to look for.

Any help?

Sounds like you need either a Pull Bar or a Lam-Hammer.

Yeah, if you are putting in the last row of the floor right before the wall, the Pull Bar is what you want.

(I installed hardwood floor last summer)

If you do need the pull bar and go to get it from Home Depot, don’t buy the cheapest one they have. It’s really cheap and bends too easily. Spend a bit more and buy the heavy duty one. It’s worth it.

YES! That is it, thank you!