What is the naval rank held by Prince Charles?

I know he’s an honorary this and honorary that, but in terms of his actual military rank attained in his naval service… what is it?

In this picture it looks like he’s wearing a vice admiral’s rank.

That looks like four stars on his shoulder… That makes him a full Admiral, yes?

When he finished his service in the Royal Navy, he was a lieutenant, but he’s been promoted several times since then, most recently in 2006 (the promotions were honorary, but the new rank is his actual rank). He’s now a full admiral. It does look like he’s still wearing the insignia of a vice-admiral, though (the thing on the bottom is the Queen’s cypher, not a star).

I’m not sure which uniform he’s wearing in that picture - the beret possibly indicates Army Air Corps - but that’s not a Navy uniform.

Well apparently he now holds a four star rank in all the services, so he can wear pink tutu if he wants to.

And does on a regular basis.

He is the next in line and as such carries the highest rank [honorary] in all armed forces as a matter of protocol, if he was in active service it would not be the case.

I don’t think you’re seeing the same picture. There is no beret, and it’s definitely a Royal Navy uniform. ETA: Here’s the same image, albeit smaller.

It looks like he was also only wearing three stars at his son’s wedding last year. I wondered if maybe the royal cypher somehow acted as a star, but the current First Sea Lord (also an admiral) looks to be wearing four stars and the cypher.

In this other picture from today, the prince looks like he’s wearing a vice-admiral’s shoulder boards but a full admiral’s sleeves. :confused: ETA: Before 2001, full admirals only wore three stars on their shoulder board, so maybe it has to do with when he first became a flag officer?

You’re right. I meant to quote your earlier post of his official page where he wears the light-blue beret. That picture isn’t a Navy uniform. friedo’s picture is indeed a Navy uniform with a Vice Admiral’s shoulderboards

Prince Charles does not hold the highest rank in any of the services; his father does. Prince Phillip is Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force.

And Ruler of the Queen’s Naveeeeeeeeee!

And he is almost 91 years old. I guess not many soldiers, retired or not, wear a uniform at that age.

Aside from being el queso grande, does Her Majesty have any rank in the military?

I find it fascinating that whoever wrote his military bio thought it important to note that he took a one day course in escaping from a submarine. He has a job lined up. There’s no need for him to pad his resume like that.

One has to admit that the Royals have undergone real training in several branches of the military and have gained some very unique military experience. And it’s not as if they were given much slack. Prince Edward quit his basic training with the Royal Marines because he couldn’t adapt to the military life style.

She is the Commander in Chief of all of the armed forces in the UK - army, navy and air force.

Not least, as Private Eye would put it to avoid being sued, that he was an ‘outrageous hetrosexual’.

Prince or not, that would not have been popular in the Royal Marines.

And The Women’s Auxillary Balloon Corp.

To say nothing of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, back in the day: http://www.annefrankguide.net/en-GB/content/princess_elizabeth.jpg

The only other time I’ve seen Her Majesty in uniform was for Trooping the Colour, and that was some years ago; she usually wears civvies nowadays, and rides in a carriage rather than on horseback. Here are some pics - can anyone tell what rank she displayed? (Of course she’s CINC and could wear whatever she chose).



Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in Royal Navy or RAF uniform.

Princess Anne has taken to wearing uniform in recent years: