What is the next big idea?

I have the garage.

Waiting for the next big idea, which has a potential market among a population of 1 billion.

Suggestions please.:wink:

If I had the answer to this, I’d be making it happen right now - not donating the idea to you.

Where’s my flying car!?

Kick Boxing! Sport of the future.

Ever thought of outsourcing that idea to India?:slight_smile:

We can work together.

The next big idea is buying household garbage for the food scraps which will be fed through a 3D printer to make new food.


That thing has the same insurmountable flaw as the standup turbofan (?) jet pack thing- the death zone between the ground, and sufficient altitude to deploy a ballistic parachute.

Going to a message board and asking people what the next big idea is.

Whaddyamean somebody already beat me to it?

Well, you see…

micro hd projectors. People already have internet access with their phones which are also fairly powerful computers. In many places in Africa, as strange as it sounds, the real issue is electricity to recharge them.

Since entertainment is always a strong driver and the prices of these devices have come down into the sub $200 range and will continue to drop, this will let people have private village theaters operated from a phone and tiny projector.

One example

You know, those guitars that are, like, two guitars.


Turbo encabulation is well established, but quantum encabulation has only been sporadically mentioned. (See this barely-related article and search for the phrase to find it.) While not original with myself, this idea clearly awaits development.

Hmmm. Good question.

The next big thing(s) in my view that will transform the world will be:

Localized manufacturing. In between 3D printers and fab labs there will be a lot more decentralization of manufacturing and product design. I think that’ll kindof be like the internet, it’ll democratize manufacturing and design. Although if it is just cheap plastic crap than who cares. But if you can build electronics (which supposedly you can), then you have something.

Implants that you install in your body that monitor your body parameters (glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc) and that provide real time feedback. These will probably be hooked up to a smartphone. For people with chronic illness it could help control their health problems.

Robotic surgery. Robots that can perform certain surgeries w/o human intervention unless something major goes wrong. At first it’ll be expensive as hell but as time passes these devices should be much better and cheaper. Of course it’ll be 2 decades before that happens IMO. On that note, I believe in 40 years we will have affordable bipedal robots that can do much of what humans do. So that’ll revolutionize everything. But that isn’t the ‘next’ big thing, that is decades away.

Also, mass unemployment and growing income inequality due to all the robots. That will be a big social change.

I think there will be a big movement in medicine to incorporate all the research and personal experimentation that has occurred in the last few decades. Right now a lot of treatments and research hasn’t entered public consciousness, so attempts to integrate all the info out there from recent research and the experiments people run on themselves will be more easily available (rather than spread all over the way they are now).

Why is your market only 1 billion? Are you just marketing to those who make 20k a year or more? The biggest markets will be among the global middle class (household income 5-20k a year).

They’re already here, but I predict that in 50 years the market for meat substitutes will be larger than the market for actual meat. I fucking hope they get better by then, though.

Initially, I am looking at a huge middle class population in India, and to produce something they can afford. Definitely 5-20K bracket. We have 800 million cellphone connections in India now.

World War Three.

Is there a Bollywood version of imdb? That burgeoning middle class will soon have a lot of bar bets to settle.


IMDB has a section for Bollywood. Then again plenty of local websites with trivia exists.

But,it is worth pondering. How to make money off it? Registration fee for aspiring actors? Ads?