What is the oddest thing you have done recently?

Confession time. So we have one of those fresh water dishes for the cat and retired the dog bowl that we were using. It’s very sturdy and in good shape, so after I washed it thoroughly we using it to eat out of. It works great for a lot of different dishes and you don’t have to worry about stuff falling off the plate. Plus they are super cheap, and easy to clean. So the other day I went down to the dollar store and bought two more for that purpose. Now I’ll admit that’s pretty off-the-wall, and I’m curious to see if any out there are as weird as me, so what is the strangest thing that you have done lately???

Last night I met up with someone I barely know in a dark street to give them a pot of aphids.

Hopefully they were vaccinated.

Has the vaccine been approved for aphids yet?

Did you cross state lines?

Aphids are a gateway bug. Next will be earwigs. Or worse, rolly polly bugs.

Oddest? Let me see if I can Manage an answer…

And? What did you do? LOL

And how old were those aphids? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Since I live by myself, I have a feeling that most of the stuff I do would be judged as odd by normal people. I’ll see if I can think of something specific.

I’m really confused. You (as in human) were eating out of a dog bowl but are now eating out of a freshwater cat dish?


I know a freshwater cat.

It’s not recent, but once I filed a request for a certain diagnostic procedure for a patient. Then I was put in charge of reviewing and approving/denying said requests for our system. At that point I was supplied with the resources to determine which of said requests were appropriate. I discovered my request was not appropriate for those particular circumstances, and hence denied it.

I’ve also had circumstances where policy dictated that I sign and date a report, then shred it. That was fun.

No. Cat was drinking water out of the dog bowl. We replaced the dog bowl with the fresh water bowl, washed the dog bowl and discovered that it was handy to eat out of, so I bought two additional dog bowls for that purpose. Because I’m a weirdo.

I am purchasing the trigger guard assembly for a rare rifle piece by piece. From France. (I’m in Ohio). I first found the flag safety lever, now I have the trigger guard (bow) coming. I still need a pin, a tube and a spring. It’s going to be an expensive trigger guard.

You could have asked for a peer to peer review so you could justify it to yourself.

Gitchyseff one of the these mirrors and you could form a committee all by yourself.

I just bought seven freshwater cats. Six albino Cories and one Oto.

I just took a (live) mouse to the cemetery.

I held someone down while he got a butt haircut. He cried the whole time, but we did it anyway.

I groped 17 sets of testicles in one day.

I kissed Walter Cronkite on the head and then put him in a box and shut it.

(1 was a long-haired cat who kept getting dingleberries stuck to his butt. 2 was low-cost spay/neuter day and you have to check all the males to make sure they have two balls before you start so that you’re not surprised by an undescended testicle or an already-neutered animal. 3 was a kitten from a litter named for news anchors)

Damn! I propose that a mod put the explanatory part of your post in a spoiler box. That should cause some head explosions before they click through! :rofl: