What is the political slant of these magazines?

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I have been given a big list of political commentary magazines.

Can anyone go through the list and tell me which if any of these are right wing or conservative? Or do you know of others which are conservative or right wing?

Most seem to be liberal…and I want a couple from different viewpoints.



Afraid to have your established views challenged, eh? :wink:

? not at all.

Feel free to visit my website if you want to learn my established views.

I am just doing research.

Engage is the periodical of the very conservative Federalist Society. The conservative think tank, The American Enterprise Institute, has a sub-tab for publications on various political/policy matters.

Also, you could look for links in either the two organizations above or any conservative periodical for further leads.

Atlantic Monthly seems to have drifted rightward in the last few years, particularly on foreign policy issues.
That could be due to the influence of former editor David Brooks, who was recently killed in Iraq.

I don’t know what I was thinking…
the late Atlantic Monthly editor was Michael Kelly.

A little tricky to influence policy once you’re dead, no?

In case you’re being serious…

Michael Kelly died just earlier this year, while the magazine has been becoming more conservative - at least in my judgment - for something like three or four years.

The Atlantic Monthly used to occupy a vaguely left position not so far away from Harpers. Harpers has become more lefty while the Atlantic’s shifted right. The two magazines don’t resemble each other at all anymore.


I misunderstood the spirit of your post, I think… I thought you were suggesting they were becoming more conservative ~because~ he was killed in Iraq.