What is the purple car in Fiona Apple's 'Criminal' video?

This is probably my favorite music video of all time! What is that sweet-looking purple car in the video?

At first I thought maybe it was a Viper, but it isn’t.

For those of you that have not seen this video I suggest you do so. For those without ready access to the video here are five images of the grille, engine and the driver’s side rear seats.


Those links will not work just by clicking on them, when you are taken to the Geocities error page you must click the URL bar and press enter as you surely know.

Any help will be appreciated.

And don’t move this to Cafe Society. This is a specific question here!

I always thought that it was a Dodge Stratus, but I could be wrong.

Yes, I think you are right. I could recognize the Dodge grille but little else. Thanks.

My first take was also a Dodge; and it probably is a Stratus: compare the grille and headlights in this image.

Now, why a Stratus in a music video? It’s not a standout vehicle in any way I can see… only a little more notable than a Camry or Accord imo.

Here’s an underhood picture of the stratus. It looks like the picture in the video. I don’t know why they chose that car for the video. It’s not even the latest model of that car. I liked the color though.

I think because the theme of the video seems to be ‘high school girl has naughty undies party while parents are out of town’, and their spare car (the Stratus) is in the garage

More evidence- The rear door opening on the “Car4” picture is the same as Stratus pic I found on ebay (on this page). Notice the big depression and how the door latch is at the bottom of it.

Damn that video is awesome!

The car looks cool because of the purple paint job.