People who drive a ______ probably listen to _______ .

A couple days ago a friend and I were talking about how people who drive a particular type of vehicle would have like musical tastes. Here are some of the ones we came up with:

El Camino- Bad Company, Deep Purple
Corvette- Van Halen (pre-Hagar)
Jeep - Boston
Ford Aspire (especially a white one)- Brittany Spears (name probably misspelled, but I don’t care)
Any S.U.V.- Michael Bolton or Kenny G

Some of these car/music pairings are probably influenced by what I have observed with actual people I have known who drive such vehicles. What sorts of impressions do drivers of certain cars give you as far as their musical tastes go?

Minivan - Raffi

Taurus: The Eagles

Ford Probe: Madonna.

Camaro - Def Leppard :wink:

Camaro - Bon Jovi
Trans Am - Def Leppard.

Trust me, subtle socio-economic differences. :slight_smile:

New Beetle: Brittney Spears

Old Beetle: The Dead
Vanagon: Dead Bootleg Concert Tape

This is probably generally true, but on at least twice I have blown people away to the point of having to comment:

Both happened in what I call the “Baby Chuck Truck” (BCT) and both incidents happened in the mid to late 80’s.

I wish I had a picture of the BCT, but you will have to make do with a description.

The BCT was a powder blue 1971 Chevey C10. The side panels had rusted off and were replaced with plywood, though the tailgate was still steel. It had an old Radio Shack AM/FM 8-track in it and sounded like King Kong with indigestion while running. This required unusual volume levels while moving. In addition, whoever added the AM/FM 8-Track had connected it in such a way that it ran, whether the truck was on or not. It had some rust issues, and on the front fenders was scrawled in goober-like printing with white paint were the words: Chuck “Baby” Bill.

I was given this truck by my father who got it from who-knows-where while newly married and going back to school (we had also just had our first baby).

So, I’m sitting at a stop light in Shively (hic central) in the BCT listening to “Rhapsody in Blue” with full orchestra cranked to hear it over the roaring engine.

Car next to me: What are you listening to?
Me: Rhapsody in Blue
CNTM: Okay, never heard that before.

The second incident happened while refueling the BCT in Indiana. Brahms Violin Concerto was playing and I didn’t feel like not listening while parked. So, I let it run while refueling (didn’t have to leave the truck on to do this–I love that feature).

Guy at next pump: I never, in a million years would have expected to hear that coming from that vehicle.
Me: You choose what’s important.
GANP: Guess so.

Now, of course, I’m currently in a position to pick my vehicles, and really wish somebody would get a good Hybrid truck going, because, I like trucks, but can’t currently afford the kind of gas, and wouldn’t want to spend that kind of gas, on my daily commute.

Moral: Generalizations can be problimatic, even if they are mostly correct.

I hear Madonna likes a good Ford Probe.
[snaredrum]Ba dump dump.[/snaredrum]

Hummer- David Hasselhoff’s Greatest Hits.

I drive an SUV and I can assure you there is NO Michael Bolton or Kenny G in my car. :eek: Perish the thought.

There is a Michael Buble CD, but there is also U2, Boston and Coldplay.
I also have a few country CDs, a few classical CDs and an opera CD. So there goes your theory.

Honda Civic with coffee-can muffler - 50 Cent or some rap
New Beetle - Easy Listening
91 Mustang GT - Guns & Roses
85 Ford F-150 - Something country
Work Van - Local classic rock station
Old-body-style Nissan Altima - R&B
85 Chevette - Radio broken

Whee, stereotypes are fun!

I guess I should have specified that Def Leppard listeners are more likely to drive a bitchin’ Camaro.

Well, if we’re going to throw stereotypes around, how about a Subaru OUtback and Melissa Etheridge?
Really, my sister was loking at the Outback, and three people asked her, “Isn’t that a lesbian car?” I’m not sure how the Outback got that reputation, though.

People who drive a Fiat probably listen to their transmissions self-destructing.

Sadly, I know this from personal experience.

I used to have a Fiat 124 Spider (Spyder?) and my 4-speed manual transmission went out near the end of a 200 mile drive. Never knew it was a common thing though!

Maybe it’s a Dead Milkmen fan behind the wheel.

Hmm. checks MP3 player Disturbed, Sevendust, Tool, Metallica. Oh crap. I think my husband has an Eagles CD. Dammit.

Well, I drive a Mazda station wagon and listen to a lot of opera (when I’m not listening to Led Zep or swing). I guess I’m all over the road. Har!

Aw, come on. Give us a break! The correct answer is Weezer. At least in my case. (And whoever said easy listening, I will not qualify that with a response!)

Daewoo - Richard Hell (Voidoids, not Heartbreakers).

Toyota Prius - NPR
(I’m stereotyping myself, by the way.)