What is the science behind normally occurring wedgies?

A wedgie, per wikipedia, occurs when a person’s underwear or other garments get wedged between the buttocks. Just by themselves, by normal movement, not by someone pulling them up as prank.

Most people will be familiar with that pesky feeling of having your underwear going askew, and trying to be discrete about pulling it right again. And before you say: “just stop being difficult and just wear a string”, I just can’t get used to the feeling of wearing a string. I like my full-coverage grannie panties, dammit!

I used to think that being overweight was the problem, so I bought the biggest panties available. But the size doesn’t seem to matter, wedgie-wise. Now that I’m a slender (but wide hipped) size 8, I still have the same problem with underwear, no matter if it is size M or XL.

So, how do wedgies occur? What should I pay attention to, in buying underwear? What materials/models are less prone to wedging? This answer on Yahoo was no help.

It may be an embarrassing subject, but I can’t be the only one who wold want to be wedgie free. The Dope had good advice when my phone cords kept bunching up; I hope they can do the same here.

Sorry, this is not a very GQ-suited answer, because I know of no wedgie-science, but I say the traditional cotton knickers in the correct size are absolutely the way to go.

None of these silly, frilly hipster shorts, of tiny lacy things. Proper knickers. I think the cotton needs to fit tightly over your bum, that way it has no opportunity to creep in. C&A do good ones, but other than that I find they are pretty hard to find. They’re either granny-style, or lacy.

In the service of the cause of knowledge, I have to point out that you might find some discussion of the phenomenon of the naturally occurring wedgie under the racist and unfunny old epithet “Indian underwear” or “Indian drawers”.* (Referring to Native Americans, not South Asians.)

  • Because they creep up on you. Har de har de har har. :rolleyes: