Okay, guys: what do you call this?

And don’t tell me you don’t have a name for this, because I’m sure you do.

What’s the guy name for the phenomenon of a woman getting her clothing wedged, to any degree, between her buttcheeks? Swimsuit, nightgown, underwear, trousers, anything except a thong, which is supposed to go there.


Hungry bum? :smiley:

You mean when it happens to a guy?

Well we say our ‘underpants are riding’ (or at least my inner monologue does)


? a wedgie, but that applies to both sexes. If you get a wedgie ‘in the front’ then it’s called a camel toe.

No, no, no. What do men call it when they see the phenomenon on a woman? You know, like: “Hey, check out the _____ on that one, har!” or “_____ at two o’clock, men! Har-har!”

I bet the guys on The Man Show know what I’m talking about.

No, but there’s gotta be a secret, men-only, nastier term. Yeah?

Sorry, don’t know of any that apply specifically to women. Wait…when a woman wearing a tong bends over and you get a peek at the top of the thong, we call that a ‘T-bar’. As in “hey, that’s chicks got a t-bar! EVERYBODY, HUMP!”

it’s called a “Ms. Ribble”

Men, as a group are not subtle enough to have a code that is successfully hidden from women, unless that code involves machinery, hunting, or sports.

We have lots of codes, they are all well known, and universally considered rude and disgusting by women, who have heard all of them.



Or a “whale tail”.

Exhibit A and Exhibit B

In a obvious Family Guy ripoff, I’d say “lookit, her _______ is/are holed up in box canyon”

Everyone around here (my gf, sister, etc.) calls it a “dog”.
I thought it was the universal term for a girl wedgie?

Don’t have a term for it. Why would I? Even if I wanted to call attention to it (again, why?) I could just say “Hey, look at her.”

I’d use “Hungry Arse” myself… but that’s because I’m uncouth :smiley:

“I’d like to take a bite out of that”?

Disclaimer: I’m a girl. And just made that up. Seriously, if you’re going to ask for:

on a message board, I think we’ll find out what it is.

Fffft. Secret men-only term, for something as mundane as a wedgie? Nahhh. The secret terms all involve the important topics of discussion - body parts, sexual acts, bodily functions etc.

Yeah, what is it? I’m familiar w/ the camel toe, and I think some comedienne (sp?) once referred to it as a “melvin,” but I’ve never heard of a term for when one’s pants are riding up one’s ass. (To me, a wedgie specifically refers to an act of interpersonal violence.)

There’s a subtle distinction. A wedgie is when I give you one. If the garments ride up on their own, you’ve got yourself a wedge.