What is The Straight Dope on the Old Navy "Stripes All Around" commercial music?

For some reason, I am strangely attracted to this ditty. OP says it all, is it a real group, real song? Or just some jingle put together for the shoot? I tried Googling and the Old Navy web site for info, no luck tho. HELP! :confused:

My primary fault with the song is that “pink, red, yellow and in-between” really doesn’t represent a huge portion of the spectrum.

Here is a link to the add and a 2-minute long version of the song that you may download (in mp3 format).

I don’t know. I find it very reminiscent of “The Clapping Song,” which was a chart hit for Shirley Ellis in the 60’s. Reminiscent to the point where I think it’s the same tune, with lyrics created for the commercial.

On preview, I see Palooka’s link, which suggests the song for the commercial has its own title and may be a few years old. However, I can’t get the movie or music at the link to play, so I can’t carefully compare the tune to the one I remember from “The Clapping Song.” Still think it’s the same, though.

I like the tune (“daddy-o”) but I hate the quick cuts…you never get to really see the clothes. I know, I’m old.

Apparently it is called Clap! Shake! Jump! by Behavior

I HATE that song! It sticks in your head ALL FREAKIN’ DAY! Daddy-o. ARRGGHH!