What is the strangest thought you have ever had?


Can Frogs fly?

I have a lot of strange thoughts just as I’m going to sleep, which I can never remember for very long, even seconds later.

I did manage once to write down a couple of sentences which must have made sense to me at the time, but I have no idea what relevance they have now:

“Stay dead if you want to live. Come back, and die horribly.”


What if Sisyphus was happy?

Official mod statement/action. I have PMed this to you, but I am also putting it here in public, so that others can see it as well, just so it’s known and can be linked to:

Please stop making so many threads. You make at least a thread a day or every other day. You’re staring to get spammy with your threads. Please have only one or two active topics at one time and/or start creating topics farther apart (maybe every three or four days).
Making topics isn’t against the rules, per se, but when it happens as often as you are doing it (plus you very RARELY return to your own topics to reply to them), it starts to become a problem in that you’re flooding/spamming the forums with too many topics. You have 71 posts on this board and 68 of them are topics. They also have very little content in them other than just two or three words.

Just slow it down some, please. Again, two active topics at a time (across all forums), okay? Active means, as long as it’s on the FIRST PAGE of a forum, don’t create another one.