What is the VANOC doing about this?!?!!?

Over the first 4 days of the Olympics in Vancouver, there were:

  • 55 Residential Break-and-enters
  • 20 Commercial Break-and-enters
  • 23 Stolen Vehicles
  • 110 reports of theft from autos


There are 6 “Hot Topics” on the CBC’s Olympics website header right now. Presumably to highlight stories like the Curling teams both starting with wins, or another gold medal…

3 of them are “Cauldron” (ie people complaining about fencing), “Zamboni” (ie equipment breaking down), and “Nodar Kumaritashvili” ( a tragic event, no doubt, but a “Hot Topic”?!?!?)

And now, another failure of the Vancouver Olympics and a shame to all of Canada!
A barricade fell at a concert.
I am sorry for the people who were hurt - but, seriously?

Sorry, just had to get that out.

Does this stat reflect the Olympic Village area, or the entire city of Vancouver? There’s a massive difference in the stat and where responsibility lies between the two.

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time agreeing that a few minor incidents make this “The WOrst Olympics Ever”. There is always going to be some amount of crime in any large city, and those break-ins and thefts don’t seem out of proportion at all for a city the size of Vancouver.

There will also be some issues with equipment failures, etc.

Sorry, but I just can’t get worked up enough to share your outrage.

Surely it should be the responsibility of the Vancouver police to do something about crime, rather than the Olympic Committee?

Hmmmm - I seem to be missing my sarcasm tags…

I think it’s more that some people missed the boat.

I was wondering about that. So then, is there someone out there who actually feels this way?

It’s being reported in the media here in Canada, that press from other countries are reporting that these are the worst Olympics ever. With every single issue that arises, apparently the international press are jumping all over it. Apparently we have not properly planned the weather here either.

Yea, a column in today’s Denver Post was ragging on the Olympics. I rolled my eyes.

Canada is perfectly showcasing “crabs in a barrel” here.

From the high, bordering on psychotic levels of stress placed on their athletes with some need to “own the podium” to the freako bohemian protest-tourists in Vancouver yapping on about aboriginal rights and big business, to the crazies over in Quebec bitching about how they didn’t speak enough French at the opening ceremonies, to the mealy mouthed wimps who freak out because, ohmigosh, someone participating in an athletic competition died, to everyone being whiny cunts about how much this costs, there hasn’t been a whole lot of national unity about the games methinks.

The foreign press, I would guess, feeds off of this - they weren’t out looking for anything to peg some “blame canada” campaign on, at least not from where I stand.

Huh. All I heard about were the black-clad protestors that went wild, and that was via a thread here.

Isn’t it always the Worst. Olympics. Evar?

No. The Australians and their cute kangaroos walked on water. Of course, that’s because the commericialism probably topped Atlanta '96, but no matter.
I strongly think the state of the world economy is having a large effect on the mood of everyone, also.

On the contrary, everybody is united in ragging against VANOC :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I blame CTV and their Olympic advertising campaign that has been in full swing for about a year now, people are tired to hear about the frakking Olympics. Of all the athletes that they were pimping, so far only Jenn Heil has delivered something, everybody else failed to accomplish the goals touted. All the other medals were won by athletes who weren’t in the limelight.

See - this is the thing. I couldn’t care less about the British media slagging the games. One - it sells there, and two - they’re just getting warmed up for 2012’s constant stream of abuse they’ll be heaping on their own Olympics.

It’s that the CBC and other Canadian media choose to make these opinions a story here. We’re so effing skilled at navel-gazing it’s making headlines.

According to the RCMP, a man using a forged security pass got through securityand close to Vice President Biden before he was apprehended, so I guess we can blame that on the Olympics. On the other hand, I don’t think the White House party crashers were connected even Canadian.

I guess I might be grasping at straws on that one - it was, technically, a breach of the pass screening- but again: headlines indicate he got past security and close to Biden, whereas every story I read includes a line like: “Two plainclothes Mounties stopped the 48-year-old just as he stepped into the high-security area reserved for dignitaries at B.C. Place.”

The RCMP is part of the security solution. So - he was stopped by security… ie it worked.

Yea pretty sure THIS was the worst Olympics ever.

Eh, that’s probably the second worse.

I was going to nominate the 1940 Olympics in Helsinki.

Crime happens all the time, not just during the Olympics, so we need to compare those numbers to whatever is considered “normal”. In terms of crime, what constitutes a typical 4-day weekend in Vancouver?

It may also be that the Olympics (or any other large event) coming to town brings in all kinds of miscreants, and that that’s just the nature of the beast. We need to compare Vancouver’s rise in crime rate (if any) with the rise that occurred during other winter Olympics. If the numbers you’ve reported truly represent an excess for Vancouver, then what’s a typical rise in host-city crime rate for the winter Olympics (i.e. what happened in Torino, Salt Lake City, Nagano, Lillehammer, etc.)?

If the rise in crime does indeed turn out to be excessive even for the Winter Olympics having come to town, why is it the fault of the Vancouver Olympic Committee, and not the local police?