So we were nearly in a riot.

Yesterday we had to go downtown in Vancouver to get Olympic gear for **Attacklass, **because she’s going to see Finnland v. Russia women’s hockey today. We got to the Bay at 5 to 10:00, and were realizing what a bad plan this was, as there was a huge crowd of people waiting outside, and no parking. I pulled into a parking lot beside the Bay, only to discover that a) jeez, that’s an exorbitant price for parking and b) there was a parade of people crossing the lot, many in bright costumes, and many in black, with balaclavas. Ms. Attack’s spidey sense tingled, we gave up on the gear plan, and went home, only to discover that minutes after our outing the parade of people has started rioting, vandalizing cars and breaking windows at the Bay.

I saw this on the news last night. WTH are they rioting over anyhow? The Olympics? What about it? What is so bad about it?

You’d think cities would learn by now and infiltrate these groups in order to head them off at the pass.

Um, WHY? What are the reasons for the protest? I don’t see any given in the article.
Is is really just a bunch of morons wanting to vandalize property? Canada, O Canada! :eek: :frowning:
I wasn’t pro-Olympics for Chicago, mostly because we can’t afford it and haven’t spent money on our infrastructure to support such an endeavor, but if it were a done deal and they were coming to Chicago, I’d celebrate, not protest by destroying property…

It’s not about what’s bad about the Olympics. It’s about the Olympics drawing world press, such that anyone with a cause who makes enough of a fuss at the Olympics can expect to receive press coverage. Which would have received more press: anarchists smashing Hudson Bay Co. windows in Vancouver during the Olympics, or anarchists smashing Northern Store/HBC windows in ButtScratch, Sask., on a cold day in February?

A pity the names of the arrested anarchists were not published.

Glad you missed that.

I can tell that I’ve reached middle age, because it wouldn’t trouble me at all if those yahoos were hobbled during arrest.

I could be wrong, but I thought some of the protesters (not the idiotic anarchists) were protesting the fact that taxpayer dollars were going towards the cost of the Olympics and it was felt the money was better spent elsewhere, like on the citizens.

I’m not saying I agree with it, but I thought that’s what I read somewhere.

The type of people who engage in this type of act do not have the intelligence to make an argument nearly that cogent. They are angry teenagers, or adults who have failed to grow up, looking for an excuse to bust shit up and be martyrs. These are the same kind of morons who like to cause mayhem in the name of “anti-globalization,” yet none of them could probably tell you a thing about what, say, the G7 or IMF actually does. Or what IMF stands for. Or what all the letters of the alphabet are.

You did note that I did not include the anarchists in that statement, right?

We had the same problem with those assholes several years ago in Seattle. They were just out for chaos and destruction and I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of their brain power.

Here’s a link to the article I read:

In re-reading the article, it is obvious this wasn’t a very coherent demonstrations; i.e, too many divergent complaints. Again, the anarchists were just there to cause trouble; they don’t need a “reason”.

But there was a comment about taxpayers being saddled with the cost of hosting the Olympics.

Sorry for the double post, but I didn’t get back in time to edit my last post.

This is my understanding as well. A loose group including people against tax dollars for the Olympics, Aboriginal land claim protesters and anarchists.

Been there, done that.
I was living in Berlin, way north, and taking the subway to Kurfurstendamm (City Center) and got off the subway and just as I poked my head up out of the stairway leading to the street (think of a gopher) I see hundreds of people in a riot, with police in battle gear all over the place.
Needless to say, ducked back down and took the next subway to the next stop where I peacefully exited and went about my day.