What is the word I'm trying to think of?

I have a mental block…

It means reliving the same thing over and over in your head.

Sounds like you’re experiencing presque vu … .

It’s just on the tip of my tongue…grrr, it’s so annoying.

Obsession? Ground Hog Day?


Come on, you’re all supposed to be smart. I’m in the middle of a chat and I’m trying to make a point but I can’t w/o the word.


I love you! :slight_smile:

Aw, shucks! ::blushes:: :slight_smile:

Ruminating beasties:

How bout a Deja Do Loop?

Sho you’re saying that biologically, ruminants are those hoofed animals that engage in dejà chew? :smiley:

When it reaches pathological levels, one can be said to be perseverating, though that is really repeating one response to one very specific detail or stimulus.


Maybe flashback?