And Giraffe is being obtuse too.

When closing this thread

Well, not obtuse, but anal. I wish mods would be more laid back. Be thoroughly intolerant of rudeness please. But this type of pointless pickiness just frustrates. Now I can’t reply to the replies in the thread.

And really, it seems to me that you’re complaining that I didn’t continue to hijack (admittedly already fully hijacked) threads.

Since he was not actually being obtuse (or even acute), was he being anal-retentive or anal-expulsive?

You wordsmiths need to get over yourselves. He was just being twee.

Giraffes, like most ruminants, are notoriously anal-expulsive.

Ah, tomndeb, I can see you’re trying to play your wily mod-mind-games on me. But I’m not falling into the trap of responding to your lexical nitpickery, if for no other reason than that Giraffe is liable to close the thread. And I’m hopeful that I can keep at least one open tonight.

Actually the word you’re looking for is “word maven” not “wordsmith.”

Oh DAMMIT I did it again :smack:

Strong on language but a little deficient in math? :wink:

Oh God, could we not start that crap again?

:: whistles innocently ::

uglybeech, perhaps I’m just crabby because my first Pitting ever sucks so bad, but I’m thoroughly unmoved by your plight. Your thread was redundant, not to mention rather unPitworthy in its own right, so I closed it. Big frickin’ whoop. I’d hate to see how devastated you are when something really bad happens, like not being able to find your keys for a few minutes or putting too much sugar in your coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too… MUCH sugar in coffee? Quaa?

And yes, this is an incredibly lame-ass pitting.

Hey, he might measure up to Pit standards if he can’t find the sugar and puts the car keys in his coffee.

I couldn’t understand why the thread was closed. I would have expected it to have been moved to Mundane and Pointless.

You and Giraffe don’t have a history, do you? Didn’t nibble on one of your branches and find it not his taste, eh?

Maybe next time you’ll remember to not put your Mundane Pointless Shit in the pit then won’t you?
Oh wait, you haven’t. This pit thread’s just as lame.
“Oh no Giraffe closed my thread. Where have all the care bear pit mods gone?”

Complaints about the mods belong here, whether it be traditionally pit-worthy or not.
The rules were followed this time.

I think Giraffe did the right thing. When I say right, I mean wrong. But when I say wrong, I mean right. Frankly, the whole thing could be consolidated a lot more. Or a lot less, depending on what I mean. For example:

The thread about smacking little girls and the thread about taking boys out of oil could be combined into the thread about testing hazardous chemicals on people. Girls and boys are people. Smack and oil are chemicals. In fact, since people are animals, both threads about pigeons could go in the same thread. The seven Michael Jackson threads also, since Michael Jackson needs smacking. I guess really the only thread that wouldn’t fit is the To Pit or Not to Pit thread. But it should be moved to Cafe Society anyway.

True enough, but I still wouldn’t call it pit-worthy.

Which threads are those?

Where I Pit myself for smacking my beautiful little girl, and You *can take the boy oout of the Oil-patch… *

(I use Ctrl-F when these things stump me.)

Thank you.

Here to please. :slight_smile: