What is the world record for the Longest pee?

OK, we were just discussing length of urination, in distance, while smoking outside. One of my freinds was saying they could hit a car on the street from the front porch.

We are talking same inclination (not off a cliff or anything). Does anyone know what the record distance is, male and female both??

I tried searching the archives and the net to no avail.



I’m pretty sure the record is held by a guy called Toxteth O’Grady of the USA.

Before you opened this thread, I thoughtt you meant “longest” as in “longest time.”

Four minutes, 28 seconds (excluding the supplemental drips); Randy Goad, Texarkana, Texas, 1996.

Just kidding.

Senator Johnson of Arkansas claimed he could urinate “halfway across Ouachita”.

A top ten for longest time would probably be my friend who was so plastered he had to stay in my house last night, somewhere between 1 and 2 am. Where? On my bedroom carpet. Poor guy was so wasted he played with himself before and has no idea what all he did. Except for that, the trying to get up and figure where he was while stumbling around, and all the puking, he was out most of the night.

Councillor: “…why the hell are we paying 12 million dollars for the Deadman’s Creek Bridge? I could piss halfway across that creek”

Chairman: “Order, order! You are out of order, councillor!”

Councillor: “You’re damn right I am: if I wasn’t I could piss the whole way across”

I personally have peed into the relief tube of an airplane flying at 14000 ft altitude. That is quite a long distance.