What is the worst pro sports stadium/arena

The worst stadium that I have ever been to by far has got to be Foxboro Stadium, the home field of the New England Patriots. The place is like a giant high school field. Except for the seats right on the 50 yard line, the rest of the stadium is bleachers with no backs. Below the bleacher are a few food and t-shrt stands enclosed by a chain link fence. Nothing like my glorious Yankee Stadium.

I would have to say the “Warsaw Peoples Stadium”

No matter where you sit, you sit behind a pole.

(other than the front row, of course!) :slight_smile:

Shea Stadium has got to be the ugliest (on the inside), most threadbare and the absolutely most uncomfortable stadium I’ve ever been in. Those low flying jets do not add anything positive to the experience.

…in Philly. Smells like urine. Something always drips on your head when walking through concourse. Smells like urine. The field is a light green and covered in well worn astroturf, not worthy of covering someones from steps. Smells like urine. It’s a multi-purpose round concrete bowl. Smells like urine.

As a matter of fact, peeing in the sinks is a regular occurence that will not draw any odd looks. Actually, there are lines for the urinals and the sinks.

Gotta be the Metrodome. The acoustics suck, the steps leading to the upper levels are too steep, and the seats are uncomfortable. Of course, the main reason the 'Dome sucks is that the Vikings play there :wink: (D&R)


The Kingdome was pretty awful for baseball. I had the misfortune of going to a game there several years ago, and the seats where I was sitting would have been arranged so that you were sitting perpendicular to the sidelines for football, but in the baseball configuration were at an angle so that you had to turn at the waist about 25 degrees to the right in order to see home plate. Later that season, there was the infamous problem of ceiling sections falling that forced the Mariners to finish the season on the road.

The Great Western Forum AKA “the Fabulous Forum” in Inglewood, CA. A big punchbowl. Not even good enough for the L.A. Clippers to play in, fer cry-eye. And it has the infamous “trough” in the men’s room.
The only plus is that, twenty years ago, I used to be able to walk up on game night and buy Kings tickets at five dollars a pop.

Although baseball games are no longer played there, Candlestick Park was the pits. Night games in the summer necessitated in multiple layers of clothing, gloves, blankets, hats, thermoses of hot drinks. And then the mist would descend from beyond the outfield, swirling around the outfield. The wind would pick up; trash would blow around the field and balls hit one place would land another. Even day games were usually cool and windy, requiring at least a sweatshirt. A day at the ballpark should not have to resemble an arctic expedition! If you stayed to the end of an extra-inning night game, you would be awarded a Croix de Candlestick, a little pin of the Giants logo covered in snow, with the words “Veni Vidi Vixi” - I came, I saw, I froze.

Because the fall is the hottest season of the year in the Bay Area, 49er games are usually very pleasant, weather-wise, so it doesn’t look like Candlestick will be abondoned altogether anytime soon.

The Kingdome was pretty crappy, but I would nominate Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The place has it all: ugly, old, smelly, dirty, terrible acoustics, and a retractable roof that AFAIK has never actually worked. It’s a cavernous hulk of ancient concrete that looks like a UFO has landed in the middle of a cement factory. The surrounding “park” is largely devoid of greenery and takes ugly to a whole new level.

But that’s just my opinion.

Now this my be an UL, but I read once that Mike Piazza hated Candlestick Park so much that he made sure there was a clause in every one of his contracts keeping him from being traded to the Giants.

Amsterdam Arena.

Seats are too narrow, scoreboards hard to read, concessions are found to be lacking.

I think I’ll just stay at home and watch the Amstel Cup on the tellie…

I think the Philster has got this one nailed. Veteran’s Stadium is used for both baseball and football and is good for neither. I believe NFL players are agreed that this turf is the worst in the country. Plus, it smells like urine.

I’ll second Shea Stadium. Edging out Candlestick. With that old dome monstrosity in Seattle taking third.

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I’ll Third that! Motion carried. I’m a huge Mets fan ,But I have to say Shea is a DUMP.Ugly,broken down,atrocious traffic getting there.I don’t want a new stadium though.Do a complete revamp,not just another layer of that ugly purple/blue paint.

I’m going to have to stand up for the Kingdome. I actually liked it for baseball.

Admittedly, it was far from the perfect, but anybody who would put it on a list of 10 worst obviously has not been to enough stadiums.

All right, since I was the first to suggest the Kingdome was bad, I’ll rise to the bait. What ten baseball stadiums, in use in the last 10 years, would you say were worse? I’ll spot you Montreal and Philly on reputation (haven’t been to either). Add Shea and Candlestick, the Metrodome, Tropicana, and Pro Player. Wouldn’t agree that they are or were worse than the Kingdome, but I suppose one could make a case. You’d then have to go with at least three of the other 60s/70s concrete doughnuts (Atlanta-Fulton County, Three Rivers, Riverfront, and the old configuration of Busch Stadium) to get up to ten, unless you include County Stadium in Milwaukee. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree that at least ten of those twelve are/were worse than the Kingdome.

Have never been to the Kingdome, nor to Candlestick, though I believe most of what I have read about them both.

Veterans Stadium is pretty bad, and Shea is worse, though not by much. I also didn’t think much of old Comiskey–dank and claustrophobic–and Exhibition Stadium in Toronto was, well, for the birds.

But there is one stadium that truly takes the prize, one ballpark so divinely awful as to rate a whole nother circle in the Inferno, one facility that was a total loser from day one, and that is indeed Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Lord Derfel has it exactly right: even the surrounding “park” is a joke.

I think Arrowhead Stadium in KC sucks. There isn’t anything visually appealing, and like the rest of the city it isn’t close to anything and it takes away from the atmosphere since everyone has to drive to get there. People say how loud it is, I think that the stadium could have been built larger (which would make it louder). Not to mention that I absolutely despise the Chiefs (I don’t mind the Royals though). Also the box that I was in at a game absolutely sucked, the seats where outside so you had to sit in the cold and then go back inside if you wanted to get something to eat, and whoever was catering didn’t have very good food. Maybe I’m just too picky.

Of course the scoreboard is hard to read…it’s in Dutch! ducks rotten tomatos from the audience

Seriously though, I’ll agree with the nomination of Foxboro/Sullivan/Schaeffer Stadium. Uggh. Thank the IPU (may her hooves never be shod!) that the Krafts managed to force through a new stadium. Only 2 more years!

But I’d also like to take a shot at the Vet, 3 Rivers, oldschool Busch, and Riverfront. Those monstrosities never should have been built, and were and are the worst thing to ever happen to professional baseball, with the exceptions of the Designated Hitter, interleague play, and the wild card.

The Oakland Raiders’ home stadium is pretty scary. I’ve taken photos there a few times. The problem is the fact that the back of the end zones are located about two feet from where the seats begin. So, if I want to change from one sideline to the other, I have to put myself in frighteningly close proximity to the filthy, ill-mannered, deranged buttheads in the first few rows who have no qualms about throwing things and yelling interesting theories as to my ancestry and sexual preference.