What is this big ass white striped spider?

Buried by a wasp?

That would certainly explain it, thank you!!! I knew about mud daubers (we have them around here, they seem to prey on black widows) but I had no idea there were wasps that catch orb weavers and drag them underground.

I believe you’re referring to the Marbled Orb Weaver, which is indeed an arachnophobe’s nightmare in Summer/Fall San Diego.

There may have been some genetic predilection for enhanced spinneret configurations in the spider’s long and distinguished evolution but I’m on to you using these big words as a sop to my clients. in your smoky back rooms, bars, and locker rooms - it’s big-ass this and big-ass that. You try churning a few hundred offspring and see if some part of your anatomy isn’t stretched and sagging a bit.

All this smacking and spraying is vexing to my clients as well. They would like to point out that without spiders, you humans would be up to your armpits in creepy, crawly, bitey, blood sucking insects in no time. TAKE THAT THOUGHT TO BED WITH YOU!:eek: