What is this bottle?

I found this bottle and would like to identify it. There are no stamps or identifying marks that I can find. It’s a clay pottery bottle, fired in a fairly uniform golden brown. Height is 11", width is 3 1/2" all the way up. There is no handle.

You don’t even have a picture?

Bols gin bottles tended to have stamped info. There was a brand of schnaps mrAru used to pick up in Germany that was in a similar bottle, with a small loop handle near the top on one side but I can not remember the brand offhand.

Could be a beer bottle. The example I linked to has stamped marks, but if you do an image search for “pottery beer bottle,” you’ll see lots of other examples.

I’ll try to get my daughter to help me post a pic tonight, cause I’m not that literate on the computer. There is no loop on this bottle though. I did see one on ebay like that, and the shape and color are just like mine, except that mine has no loop or stamp.