Can You ID this Pottery Bottle?

Take a look at this

I bought it about 30 years ago from an antique store in the UK for about $2.00 US. At the time they told me it was a ceramic beer bottle, and it certainly looks like one, but I have been unable to find another one like it anywhere. As a result my spidy sense tells me it is probably a fake or reproduction.

Can someone verify that it is authentic and perhaps even point me to a reference guide that might include it?

The dimensions of the bottle are 6.75 inches tall, and the base is 2.75 inches in diameter.


I should have said that I have found oher ceramic beer bottles of this shape before, but none from this particular maker… if it even is a beer bottle.

Wow! Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks Darryl! I owe you a beer.

Any idea what it might be worth 30 years later?

Chart at the bottom of this page seems to suggest anywhere from $2 to $25.