What is this I don't even... ... ... (warning: Potentially ICKY)

TL;DR: Individual who took part in dolphin research 40 years ago has basically said that … he … had a sexual relationship with one of the dolphins he was supposed to be doing research on.


Comments from his daughter.

Read Carl Hiaasen’s Native Tongue sometime… :rolleyes:

Or read Sharyn McCrumb’s If I’d Killed Him When I Met Him. A woman meets an attorney and asks for his help. She wants to marry a dolphin.

His response: “Wow, I’m a huge fan of the team. Which player?”

She clarifies.

It doesn’t end well for her, at all.

The title doesn’t refer to the dolphin, BTW.

Hey, she came on to him.

Common enough for there to have been a website about it.

I’m not clicking that.

I love how he tries to use statements like how dolphins can die of a broken heart as evidence for how free-willed and smart they are, and thus how he didn’t do anything that would have hurt her.

Except that she died less than a year after being shipped off to another oceanarium, away from him.


There is a website for everything! I seriously hope that doesn’t mean its “common enough”. :eek: I don’t even want to tell you about the stuff I’ve stumbled across…

You’re surprised? Dolphins are tramps. Especially captive ones, with little else to do all day.

The site no longer exists. The link goes to a SDMB discussion of said site.

After finding out people fantasize about dragons having sex with cars, nothing surprises me anymore.

Oh please!

Like none of you have ever fucked a dolphin!

That’s a THING?!?

____ is a thing.

For any value of ____.

If you can dream it, someone’s masturbating to it. It’s an Internet Rule. (Or, rather, “There is porn of it, no exceptions.”)

It’s a bit endearing to see that people are still surprised by other people’s sexual fantasies/behavior in 2013.

That said, I’m pretty amused by the comments on that article.

You heard it here, folks. The reason police dogs are so loyal is that their owners perform sexual acts on them.

Maybe… Maybe that’s how Deep Ones are created…?

It was an honest mistake!

I was trying to screw the tuna - they were all in the same net.

For the curious, a snapshot exists. Later snapshot dates contain malware.