What is this language and what does this sentence mean?

Can someone identify this language and tell me what it means?
Chiến thắng! Đối với Bolivia mới!
Context : it’s from an online game. Sort of a virtual world. The guy is trying with friends to take the political control of Bolivia, where I “live”, and says he’s a Belorussian. He’s sending this sentence to his friends.

Looks like Vietnamese (I think - no idea what it’d mean though)

Edit: Actually, google translate tells me it says “Victory! For the new Bolivia!” when translated from vietnamese

What are all those different accents?

They’re not accents, as such. They’re actually additional letters added to the Roman alphabet for sounds that Vietnamese distinguishes that English doesn’t. It’s not an “a” with a circumflex, it’s actually a whole single letter.

In addition, they also mark the tone of the syllable. Vietnamese is a tonal language, which means the exact same consonant and vowel combination means completely different thing depending on the pitch it is pronounced in. That gives written Vietnamese a very unique look, and that’s why you end up with characters like ế and ắ with “double accents”.

It’s Vietnamese, and it says “Victory! To the new Bolivia”. The sentence “Đối với Bolivia mới” is ambiguous and, in this case, might be used incorrectly. "“Đối với” could be either “For” or “against” or “to” depends on the subject.

All hail our new Bolivian-Vietnamese overlords!

Reminds of a Singaporean acquaintance who when traveling was making toasts, one of which was “May there never be war between Singapore and Uzbekistan” :slight_smile:

Singapore has always been at war with Uzbekistan.

You win.

I think I may use that.

I’m Canadian.

Thanks for your answers. :slight_smile:

No, no – Singapore has always been at war with Tajikistan, and the peace-loving Uzbekistanis have always fought alongside the glorious Singaporean defence force. Didn’t you get the memo on Tuesday?

Saying such a thing is doubleplusungood. :: puts fingers in his ears ::

Now, it could be the speech form of a person with Hispanic-Cajun mixed ancestry:: “Dog thing! I give, I see my Bolivia!” :smiley:

All your Bolivian base are belong to us!

Tell me, Daddy, about the joint Bolivian-Vietnamese expedition to the Marianas Trench in the Sixties…

Well, they started out following the valley of the Rio du Duran-Duran … :smiley: