What is this lapel pin?

California State Senator Jim Nielsen is wearing a lapel pin in this photo that looks similar to the Greek letter lambda with a hook on the left side. Does anyone know what it is?

The initials JN (with a bit of the N missing)?

So a great big vanity pin?

Looking at his bio, expecting to see “rancher” as occupation… Which I did.

My WAG is it is a lapel pin for his cattle brand.

Not quite a square root,then.

Back in the '70s, the lambda was a symbol of gay liberation.

So, possibly a cattle brand, possibly inspired by his initials? That seems quite possible. Thanks for the suggestions.

I was aware of that meaning of lambda, so that did cross my mind. I don’t think Jim Nielsen supports LGBT rights, though. Thanks for the input!

That is not the “lambda” sign.