What is this picture from?

It looks very familiar, where is it from?


Looks really familiar to me, too.

And… I actually have a theory on where I might know it from, but it’s so incredibly ridiculous it can’t be right.


And I know that he does not have any arms…

But where the hell does thsi come from?!?!?!

More importantly, WTF is a guster?


Um. . . is it an early version of the Jolly Green Giant, when he looked scary?
What the hell does “guster” mean? Nevermind, I don’t want to know.

The only Guster that I know of is a band. Pretty cool sound to them also.

Well, Guster.com is the site for a band by the name Guster. They even have the link cited in the OP on their main page. But I still don’t understand WTF they mean by “Am I GUSTER or NOT?”, much less who the photo is.

It’s available as a .jpg here:




The guy from Barenaked Ladies it seems ?

That picture’s in the jacket of BNL’s album Gordon. It had an existance before that, but I can’t exactly remember the origin.

Oh my Godness that is it!

Thank you so very much. It was really grating on my nerves.

In the links I posted it says its from the video for The Ballad of Gordon (circa 1991)

It is from a video BNL did promoting racial tolerance. Gordon was an alien from another planet and he was purple and weird looking, etc. Everyone on Earth liked him and ignored his obvious differences yet ironically still had racial issues between their much more similar selves.

I think that was the gist of the video. I only saw it once on an afterschool special commercial break in 1993 or 94’.