What is this picture supposed to be?

WARNING: The site that this picture is on also contains porn. There is no porn in this link but I would still advise against clicking it at work.

Anyway, here’s the pic. It’s the “picture of the day” on that site and they’re usually funny. I don’t get this one though. Does anyone know what it is supposed to be?

The hands are painted to look like the Earth.

He’s got the whole world in his hands (the blue marks on the hads outline a map of the earth)

You can also kinda see the Yin-Yang thing, too.

Since it IS a porn site, I would say…

I thought it might be the Earth too at first but I don’t see it.

It’s an amatuerish attempt at the ‘world’ themes already mentioned.

The lower hand extending in from the left of the pic has the US and South America, the other hand has Europe and you can see the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.


While the artist may have intended a world theme or a ying yang theme, let’s not forget that this is linked from a porn site.

The website sees this as 69, a sexual theme.

Think about it!

you must be looking at some straaaange porn :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer dead monkey porn, personally…

What I’m saying is that you can see the hands make the numbers 6 and 9 , one laying on top of the other, which is what you would expect from a porn site.

Yes, the picture definitely wasn’t intended as 69, but rather just one more lame attempt at “Bring the world together” type art.

However… IT IS A PORN SITE! :stuck_out_tongue: They are OBVIOUSLY going to try and sexualize it.

Any leads on some dead monkey porn links?

Also, the hand on the left is white, and the one on the right is black. I think. Otherwise, I’d say everyone else’s comments pretty much sum it up.

Be warned, everyone! Cisco’s link goes directly to the Picture of the Day, not to the Picture of the Day for June 14 2004. So if you click on that link today, you will, in fact, get a porn image. I don’t easily see any way to navigate to older pictures, and I’m not inclined to spend too long looking, here at the office.

YEEP! I’m sorry.

Here is the link to the picture we’re discussing. Can a mod please put that link in the OP?

Sorry about that

(By the way, I owe you one Chronos. In English class the other night my instructor was telling a story about Bozeman, Montana and he wanted to write it on the board but he didn’t know how to spell it. I gave him the correct spelling and he was so impressed that I not only knew of the town, but knew how to spell it, that he gave me extra credit. I, of course, only knew of Bozeman from your location. Thanks :).)

I’m looking at a blond getting entered from the rear, with a cell phone prominent on the right with an incoming call from MOM on the display.
What the hell are you guys looking at?

Check post 14.