What is this sign in Italy?

Hello! I have come back after a long time away because I thought the smart folks here might know the answer to this question. A friend of mine took this photo of a sign in Florence, Italy, a few months ago, and we have been wondering what it could mean. I think the panda sticker was added later by a passer-by. Does anyone have any idea what this sign means? http://www.flickr.com/photos/98495823@N08/

It’s too bad it’s not bigger. I wonder if it’s just a regular “Wrong Way/Do Not Enter” sign with all the extra stuff added as a joke.

Found it in this blog, don’t know if it’s the same one though.

I think much of that was added by passersby.
I’ve seen stop signs in the US with similar vandalism/personalization.
Probably started as a Don’t Walk or No Pedestrians, I’d guess.

A standard ‘do not enter’ sign http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Do_not_enter_sign , hacked as a rather charming dig at the police.

I’m going to guess it’s the work of this guy.

I couldn’t find that example on this page, but all signs (ha!) point to him. Same style, same city, same media.

It’s just a standard Italian “As an officer of the law, I enjoy playing soccer (with panda balls) but it does make me sleepy” signs.

I think you’ve got it, Joey P. Thanks! That was quick.

“The police would love you not to enter here. (Panda in a manhole? Where?)”

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s panda.”

It’s still Do Not Enter, but the gentleman is bent forward, awaiting…?

Do not love the Pandas.

Though you’d love to continue chasing the decapitated panda head, this is unfortunately not allowed past this point.

It looks to me as though the panda was added later, by someone else, after the sleeping policeman. The panda may be a simple sticker.

Unless said panda aforementioned panda.