What is this song--I'm going back to you, for 99 reasons, for 99 worlds (or words)

This plays on the evening “Classic Rock” tape loop at the Walgreens where I work, and it’s driving us nuts. We’ve googled every variation of “ninety nine reasons” that we can think of, but no soap.

Pounding rock/pop beat, chorus of male voices, and no, it’s not Taylor Jo Beth or Heather Myles.

Help us. Please.
Or shoot us.

I forgot to say that our initial impression–our assumption–was that it was the Rolling Stones on the tape loop every night, until we got around to actually googling it and came up empty.

Not 96 tears (vid).
Perhaps 99 worlds by Peter Wolf.

Any other lines you can make out? I can’t find anything.

How about “99” by Toto?

Whoa. [checks timestamps] 35 minutes, start to finish. I love the Dope. :smiley:

Yep, that’s it all right. Excellent. I will pass this along to my Walgreens cohort tonight. Much obliged. :slight_smile:

We did see him in passing as we googled, but apparently he makes people take down his lyrics from their web pages, so we knew there was a song called “99 Worlds” by Peter Wolf out there, but we couldn’t get at the lyrics. How does it happen that this particular website is allowed to have his lyrics up?

Oh Lord, I’ve probably linked to an illegal page!
Please forget I ever posted, and please, please don’t don’t sic the RIAA on me. :wink:

[wanders vaguely into thread]

Oh, gee, did someone post an answer to my question? [looks around] I don’t seem to see anything…


Nothing in it about red balloons?