What is this strange garment (in booking photo)?

The associated story is mildly amusing/disturbing, but I am curious about the strange green coat/wrap/vest being worn in the booking photo.

Is it a restraint garment? Bulletproof vest? Some kind of emergency coat or cover?

Sure looks like a bullet-proof vest to me.

I think it’s a smock for prisoners on suicide watch.

I didn’t even know those existed - I assumed they used paper gowns or something - much nicer (if not very fashionable or comfortable).

I would have guessed Bullet Proof Vest too - until I saw that link. I have no experience with either, and can’t tell the difference for sure from the photo - but it wouldn’t surprise me that someone might be given a bullet prof vest when arrested (although this seems a little on the overkill side for this crime).

Plus it’s cold there - so I’m guessing they would have just strapped a vest on on top of regular clothing - which this person doesn’t seem to have.

Here we go again! It’s a lead vest for dental x-rays?

Safety smock works for me. I didn’t know they existed, either.

Such a strange, sad story. But then, schools tend to scrape the bottom of the barrel for substitutes these days and I’m not surprised that someone like this made it through the screening and was actually called in to work.

I see he was charged with “risk of injury to a minor.” What kind of massive weapon was he wielding?

It says they are trying to identify students who may have seen him in action, in order to assess their need for counseling.

WTF? They’re going to suffer lifelong PTSD cause they glimpsed an old dude wanking off?

Is there any body of evidence or research about what really happens to kids who see an adult masturbating? These are High School kids, not kiddiegarters.

I bet they have a script to follow whenever a staff member is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct. It’s about covering their asses, not helping the students.

I don’t think this is entirely fair. Playing the Devils Advocate for a moment here.

The story doesn’t give much details but it did mention that Luecke (the substitute) had no prior criminal convictions. Maybe this is a mental heath or medication issue, and not a case of “someone like this made it through the screening”.

I can say with 100% certainly that it is a suicide gown.

They are made of a very tough, stiff twill like fabric. They cannot be torn or fashioned into a noose.

Inmates who are on suicide watch, or in the special needs (mental health) section of a jail are issued them instead of the usual clothes inmates are issued.

I would think that their efforts would, if anything, increase the need for counseling. The kids probably didn’t realize what they were seeing… But now they do.

Sorry, I have spent most of my life around the K-12 educational system, which fills in the blanks on stories like these. You won’t find anyone in education who doesn’t despair of the unending need for subs and the absolutely rotten quality of most of them - when they’re not stupid or too old, they’re creepy and unbalanced. Very few of them are nice, qualified, first-rate candidates just waiting for a permanent slot.

I guarantee you that someone in the district HR hesitated before adding this guy to the approved list, whether he had overt screening downchecks or not. They took him because no district in the US has a superfluity of such assistant classroom monitors, and crossed their fingers that he wouldn’t become the kind of casualty he did.

(Raise your hand if you know that most districts have a number - sometimes a large number - of teachers working on an “emergency credential”… meaning they are not qualified teachers and likely never will be. Some lack all but a dab of secondary education.)

Good point. A lot of “background checks” involve nothing more than a database search. If your name isn’t in the Criminal Records database and isn’t in any other databases of people who have been formally proceeded against in some significant way, you pass the background check.

From the linked news story:

What is an “out cove”? Is that like the opposite of an alcove?

Never heard of those garments. Looks like something an alien race on Star Trek would wear.

As I read it, he was on a mezzanine or balcony overlooking the quad or central area below. An “outcove” would be a spot extended from the main run, I guess.

ETA: Looking at Google Earth, I don’t see any features that would qualify; they must be part of the internal floorplan.

High School kids unfamiliar with the motions of someone beating off? Seems far-fetched.

High school kids go down to some still-tender ages, and this is not an inner-city school. I think it’s worthwhile taking some time to see if it disturbed any of the students who saw it. If they laugh and make jackoff jokes, fine, but I can see it being a problem to a less… (aw, shit…) [del]hardened?[/del] [del]exposed?[/del] crude kid of 13 or 14.

There’s also a difference between “making beatoff motions” and an adult laying on the floor beating off.

I mean, dude be whack.