What is this symbol?

On the bus yesterday, I saw a guy who had a black symbol tattoo on his neck that I KNOW I’ve seen before, but I can’t for the life of me remember where, or what it is, nor do I know how to go about finding out online, since I can’t indentify it.

This is my very pathetic attempt to reproduce roughly what it consisted of in PSP. Any ideas?

Why that’s the ‘single-triangled, doubled-shafted, two-eyeballed skeleton key with fish-hooks’.

the hell if I know.

To help, it almost looked like some kind of ram-the hooks were definitely horns of some sort.

The link to your image is not working, but could it be Lucifer’s key to hell from Vertigo Comics’ Sandman and Lucifer series?

I THINK I found it!

Mandalorian symbol from Star Wars. It looked a LOT like that, only it was all in black, and much, oh, sharper.

I’m picturing an old, old man explaining to his great-grandson. “No, it’s not a barn owl on stilts, boy. It’s a symbol showing that I was, uh, I was, malodorous, or something. It’s from a movie. What’s a movie, you ask? Well, that’s a tough one. Ask your ma.”

Amazingly, I recognized that from your sketch, and was all set to link to it. I seriously considered a tattoo of that when I was younger.