What is this tune?

That the kid’s playing on top of?
Damn nice job too, IMO.
Anyway, I’d like to hear it free of the kid’s arrangement. It’s very familiar.

It’s right there at the beginning of the video: “Canon, Composed by Johann Pachelbel.” The Canon in D, to be more specific.

I believe it’s Canon by Johan Pachelbel.

Now that’s an understatement.

Sure is. (Another Youtube vid.)

That was awesome.

I thought (yes, thinking was involved) that it was an ad for cameras. The effluvia of a mis-spent youth, I suspect.
Damn, I’m gettin’ old.

The rant? Or the guy’s chords.

The rant.

So you see that it is many songs, not just one.

Ah. While watching the video, I searched through my dwindling cache of adjectives, and didn’t come up with “awesome”. :wink:

Isn’t that true of many, if not most, songs?

Hmmm. Upon listening to the “right” versionI think I like the kid in the video’s adaptation better.
But I’m not really into classical music.

I’ve heard of a CD called “Pachelbel’s Greatest Hit” that just has arrangements of Canon in D.

Eh, the kid’s OK. I certainly wouldn’t discourage him, but it sounds very mechanical, although he has his technique down. If this were a 25-year-old guy playing, I’d be a bit more critical.

There are a couple of “Greatest Hit” CDs out there featuring various versions of a certain classical song. The cover art is by Patrick McDonnell (Mutts).

I’ve got that CD. I just couldn’t resist buying it.

Could be worse. I once heard someone refer to it as the “Taco Bell Canon.”

I once heard Pachelbel described as “the Britney Spears of the classical era.”

Outrageously offended, I pointed out that Pachelbel was, in fact, the Britney Spears of the baroque era.

That’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.