What is this uniform or costume I found at Goodwill?

It’s adult sized, but small adult. It’s well-made, with heavy zippers and solid hardware on the belt.



Anyone know?

It looks like a snow suit to me

It’s a snowsuit.

Poking around on google, it looks like that style was popular in the 1980s and 1990s. They still make some like that though so it might be more recent.

The markings on it made me wonder if it’s from one of the Olympics, but I wasn’t able to match it to anything in my (admittedly brief) google search.

I’d call it a “mock-Olympics/US Ski Team” suit. Designed to sort of look official but not close enough to get sued.

Cool, thanks.

Union Pacific Railroad snow suit?

Snowmobile suit older fashion. The nylon outer shell is for blocking the wind somewhat when riding. Now they are typically two part with pants (bibs) and jackets. The decorations are just that. This one piece style is a pain to get in and out of but works great for kids. The pictures didn’t show the detachable hood these typically had.

That is what I was thinking.

We didn’t have any fancy snowsuits, we had insulated coveralls.

Those thinks suck at blocking the wind though. Wick water through too. I’ve got several pair of them by various makers.