What is this website?

I ran across jodi.org on TVTropes and it’s just weird. I got out of it as soon as it came up, but now I’m curious and also a big chicken: what is it?

Well, most people won’t be particularly inclined to click on a website that you describe only as “just weird” without explanantion. But without actually going there, I found this:


…which suggests that it’s not malevolent, but art.

Yes, that makes sense. Sorry, I should have been more descriptive.

Just a hopefully helpful aside… In my job I often have to go to sites that I’m not sure are trustworthy. I could spin up a virtual machine to go visit the site, then kill the VM. But I’m really lazy. So I often go somewhere like www.browserling.com, which lets me view the site from a VM sitting in somebody else’s data center. The service is intended for use by web developers who want to see how their site looks in other browsers and OSes. But it works just as well for taking a quick look at a skeevy site. You can surf for 2 or 3 minutes at a time without registering.

There are also a number of sites that will take a screenshot of a single web page for free. Those can be handy too.

Weird that such things exist, or need to exist…