What is Vimeo?

My sister has forwarded me a couple of links whose address includes the word Vimeo. I can’t open them for some reason. I can hear the sound track for both but not the video.

Thanks for any inputs.

It’s a video hosting website, a bit like YouTube - as far as any website can by anything like YouTube.

The problem is that most, if not all, videos hosted on Vimeo are High-Definition. So you might have to install a Java and Flash player update for them to show properly.

Ditto. I’ve had a LOT of trouble with Vimeo getting the correct settings on all the add-ons.

Okay, thanks. I don’t know if I care enough for the hassle. I’ll sleep on it for a few months.

Sometimes I find that I only get audio from Vimeo if I’m using Firefox, but if I open it in an IE tab (or with IE directly), I get the video as well.

I’m sure it’s an add-on issue of some sort, but hasn’t been worth my time to track down.