What is "wet marijuana"?

I don’t want to know how to ingest it; I outgerw that habit many years ago.

There was a local news story about a drug bust where they got “regular” marijuana, heroin, “wet marijuana” in what they showed as vials, and other stuff that the SDMB does not condone. I have never heard of “wet marijuana”. What is it?

Uncured. Not dried. Straight off the plant.

I have no idea what the vials mean.

Is it effective, for lack of a better term, wet?

No. It won’t burn.

So, Joe Customer is paying whatever the price is for a tiny vial that he has to dry out himself? Seems like he’s paying for the opportunuity to do the work.

If he’s buying by weight…he’s getting screwed.

And not in a fun way.

Most likely this refers to marijuana laced with PCP. A slang term for PCP is “embalming fluid”, and thus many unknowledgeable people think PCP is a liquid. (PCP is a solid, although it could be made into a solution.)

Did they show what it looked like inside the vial? Was it a liquid, or just regular plant matter?

If it was a liquid, I suppose someone could’ve extracted the THC from marijuana with alcohol or something and then sold it as hash oil.

If it was plant matter, I don’t know why they would’ve mentioned it specifically. Marijuana can be “wet” just like any other plant, because live plants have moisture in them and they take a while to dry out. No one would buy that type of wet marijuana on purpose; the water is just dead weight.

With no context, I’d agree with Reeder’s conclusions…

But the “vials” thing kinda throws me.

It sounds like either hash oil or THC (and various other cannabinoids) dissolved in some sort of solvent.

Perhaps it’s “pot butter” meant to be ingested orally. :confused:

I googled “wet marijuana” and found a whole bunch of sites that describe it as marijuana soaked in embalming fluid (formaldehyde and alcohols), and sometimes laced with PCP. The embalming fluid is supposed to make the marijuana more potent - I have no idea whether it really works.

Here’s an article about “wet” that suggests it’s a term for PCP, which is sometimes dissolved in embalming fluid, and can be either smoked with marijuana or sold in the form of soaked leaves (which may or may not be pot leaves).

Perhaps the vials were just a solution of PCP, not related to marijuana at all.

It looked like plant matter., but they didn’t really take a close-up shot of them.



I agree with the others that have said it’s marijuana laced with PCP (embalming fluid or whatever). This appears in pop culture in the Denzel Washington movie Training Day when Washington’s character tells Ethan Hawke’s character to smoke a joint. He then tells him it’s “wet” and explains it has PCP. This scene is repeated in the Chappelle Show parody with Wayne Brady.

AKA old school, “wet” pot was simply freshly harvested. Not yet hung and dried. No PCP invloved. It was sometimes oven-dried, which some people called “skunked”. :smack:
Things may have changed.