What is with Duhbya and his middle finger?

This man is really classy.



What is his problem?

Weren’t you forbidden to start threads about George W. or something? Did that rule expire? I forget.

Naw, Reeder is restricted to one Bush-bashing thread on the front page of the Pit at any one time, per Lynn.

It looks like a middle finger to me, but it’ll be easy for him and others to claim it was his thumb or forefinger.

Still a schmuck in my book.

Amazing…our president gigs the press and the gripes are about me.

America gets the leader it deserves.

I’ve never been able to get QuickTime to work right on this computer, so I honestly can’t see anything except the blurry still.

I already loathe GWB enough for the bullshit “war on terror” and his conservative Christian agenda. Whether or not he flipped off the press corp isn’t really a burning issue as I see it.

Oh, how I long for the days of a President using a cigar to fuck an intern. How far we have we fallen people?!?

Jesus, Reeder, I picture you sitting in front of a PC with an ethanol-powered generator behind you supplying power to collect whatever the latest asshat blogger can e-mail you so you can come here and appear original in your “investigative reporting” of the Evil of Bush!!!111[sup]TM[/sup]

Then bitching about not getting enough subsidies to grow the fucking corn. :rolleyes:

I thought you were always a little “out there”. But trying to pit a man for expressing himself? I thought part of the ultra next-door-to-Saturn left wing wanted us to get in touch with our feelings.

Why are you projecting your insecurities about your manhood on someone else? Would you rather he use that finger to push the Big Ole Button?

Come up with something new. It used to be entertaining. Now it’s just sad. Kind of like seeing Jerry Lewis become a comic hero to the French.

You post this shit for exactly those responses.

Just once come up with a statement.

Instead of just a link and a one-off line.

It may help us see what’s pissing you off.

Oh. It’s Bush. We see.

[Link inserted here]

There, I win.

[Link from some other obscure blog]

See? I told you the first time. I win.

ad nauseum

Attack the messenger…that works.

One must remember that duhbya calls himself a christian. Is fuck you a good message for a christian to proclaim?

Oh my god, I agree with duffer.

I’m scared.

We are doomed.

See, Reeder, when you focus on the really inconsequential shit like this, it kind of detracts from any intelligent opposition to the current administration. You are not doing yourself any favors, and you are not doing the Opposition any favors either.

Stop saying words.

Is that for real? If so, no matter what your opinion of the man is, I don’t think it’s so bad for the PRESIDENT to flick off the camera crew. So that’s what, two fingers since 2000? Not bad.

You really don’t think this speaks volumes about duhbyas mindset?

It’s ok for him…the president of the United States…to gig anyone?

So you don’t think people should criticize the president for flipping people off (if that’s what he did), since it’s a form of self expression? If I was doing public relations for a company, and I flipped off a bunch of reporters, I’d probably be fired. The president represents the entire U.S.. I’m not saying he should be impeached or anything, but surely people at least have the right to criticize.

And isn’t Reeder expressing himself with this thread? You’re criticizing him. So I guess criticism of self-expression is OK for posts, but not worthy of a new thread? :dubious:

No, I don’t. I flip off people sometimes. I flipped off my boss as a joke today. We laughed. I don’t consider myself a bad person. This is the smallest, most mundane thing you could have selected to criticize about the man, and the fact that you did so taints anyone who leans left to begin with.

You are presenting a blurry video still of what may or may not be George W. Bush giving the finger, and you want to indict his character as a result? Can you really not see how this is completely counterproductive?

Oh, you poor martyr you. Attacking the messenger, indeed. Let me know which site e-mailed you this one and I’ll attack the messenger.

Personally, I find parrots kind of cute. And harmless.

Still looking for that thread you started about fucking underlings with a cigar. May take awhile.

Easier search for you idiot.

Any thread I started anywhere that defends Clinton.

Hell…any post.

Just put Reeder Clinton in your search.

Is that to hard for you?

It’s just the “one finger victory solute”.