The true state of Duhbya's shoe

Bush can’t even get it right in the restroom. Is this really a man we want in the White House?

Yeah, it’s a parody of this. And, of late, it’s a parody of pretty much every Bush-related thread Reeder opens.

And apparently I can’t get it right in my own bloody OP. That’ll be here, and you’ll want to C&P it into your browser window, because angelfire is cool like that.

Heh…the way you linked it, you need to reply to your post to get the url so that you can copy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And there are tons of better hosts than angelfire…but that pic sucks so it wouldn’t be worth it to tell you about them. :wally ? ? and also, if you want away around that, just upload the picture and save the extension as .txt . I do not think it is illegal and if it is do not do it, obviously.

No need for a parody of Reeder’s thread - it’s funny enough in itself.



I would have made some sarcastic comment in the original thread, but after seeing Jenna’s tongue I had to drink a pitcher of pale ale and touch myself for an hour.

Apparently you can’t get it right at all.

I can’t believe I spent a minute of my life, a minute that I’ll never have back to live over again, not only looking at the stupid picture but making it easier for others to look at the stupid picture.

Hey everyone, don’t look at the stupid picture.

Yeah, sorry, but that scrappy little drawing really wasn’t worth all the hoops I had to jump through to see it.

Meanwhile, since the other thread has now been closed, let me take this opportunity to profusely thank Coldfire for finally saying officially what, I believe, many of us have felt for a long time about Reeder’s ‘contributions’ to this board.

Not that that’s going to stop him for more than a week or so, of course. That boy’s not right in the head, I tell you.

Whew… I thought you were linking to THIS jpg. Cuz I made a really horrorshow tshirt out of it this last weekend and can really viddy myself wearing it lots more, oh me brothers.

I’d heard rumors about Reeder but I believe that’s the first time I’ve ever actually read one of his threads.

That boy’s eat up with the dumbass.

To be fair, that’s the worst I’ve ever seen from him.


That was the biggest WTF thread I’ve read in a long time…and not to double the nose up Coldfire’s ass, but that was some good moderatin’.

Hey, could you at least give me a moment to pull mine outta there? Sheesh.

Maybe **Coldfire’s ** butt needs one of these.

Bush is in the building right now–the place is crawling with SS!

I really, really, hate his campaign HQ being here.

Hey, these are all number twos. What’s up with that?

I wear my liberalism with pride, but I will breathe a sigh of relief when, as seems inevitable, the powers-that-be get fed up and ban Reeder’s dumb ass.

What leftwing bias, now?