what is wrong with the world??

today i was just reading my normal facebook drama. and i came across someone that posted about a store that had gotten robbed yesterday. the guys walked in and started to make themselves some coffee and the cashier walked over to them and asked them if they needed help. they POURED the hot coffee all over her and drug her into the back room. then proceeded to rob the store. the woman was sent to a burn center. now…to get to my point i must say i was surprised with what some people had posted abbout this on facebook. one person had said the county should LOWER LAW ENFORCMENT’S PAY. now…i have a dad who is in law enforcement and that ticked me off. he works his butt off. and just because there is someone on the run…doesnt mean he is NOT doing his job. also…someone said that cashiers should be behind a bulletproof glass. okay now…this woman wasnt even shot at. not to mention she came from behind the counter. so how much good would that bullet proff glass do…? none. now my question is…what SHOULD be done about these issues? and why does everyone blame law enforcement for every crime committed???:mad:

First of all, don’t take things you read on Facebook very seriously. One person said we should lower police pay? Who cares – and who should care – about what one person says on the Internet?

Even on this board we get one-off posters who say a lot more objectionable things than complaining about law enforcement pay. Unless that one person who complained is your mayor, feel free to disregard him.

“Everyone” doesn’t. If you think that “everyone” does, you’re hanging around the wrong people. Frankly, I have never really heard anybody I know say that they blame the police because a crime was committed.

Have I heard people say, “We need more cops on the beat because this store got robbed?” Sure. Have I heard people say, “We need to have cops focus less on giving out parking tickets and more on solving murders?” Of course. But I have never heard anyone say, “It is the police’s fault that this crime was committed.”

The issues being police pay, and violent crime?

I feel as though I’ve read this OP here before.

my question was what is a rational way to help cashiers at these stores to prevent these things from happening. what you posted was totally irrelevent and quite frankly it was just rude. and obviosuly you do not realize facebook is just as big as these forum sites. people post topics and they discuss them. all i was doing was trying to get more opinions from people who do not live in my tiny town. and yes…people in MY town do blame law enforcement. and people, such as myself, who are raised in law inforcment families take this personally. honestly…i appreciate your opinion. but totally was irrelevent to what i meant. honestly all was wondering is, how do people feel about these store clerks basically " putting theyre life in danger". in my town these robberies happen all the time because the owners are too cheap to provide security.

No, people do NOT discuss things on Facebook. They blindly repost any and everything someone sends them without checking on it to see if any of it is true, and when someone (very rarely) shows that a particular story isn’t true the cries of “HATER!!!” and “Snopes doesn’t know everything, y’know!” come forth. Tell me, what did you do to check out the story you posted here?

**what is wrong with the world?? **

Too many broken [SHIFT] keys.

Could you please provide a cite? I’d like to check this story out.

I had to sit on my hands not to edit that post for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

What is wrong with the world?

Fill in the blanks:

Know it all’s
Drug dealers
Sex perverts
Prostitutes male and female
Transsexual prostitutes that don’t wear a sign on their back saying buyer beware
Men that just get out of jail and have to hit someone in the head to get their drugs
Teachers that say don’t do this and don’t that and then get caught doing that

Someone just said it was my nap time … lunch Mr Quatro

Leaving aside the issue of the relative quality of debate on Facebook vs. the SDMB, well, there are people in this world who are jerks. Indications are that there are a lot fewer of them around than there have been at certain other times in history (see, e.g., Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, IVLIVS CAESAR if you had the bad fortune to be a Celt (though, in fairness to my boy Julius, he’s fairly nice as compared to Genghis)). Jerky people will do jerky things from time to time. There’s probably nothing you can do to eliminate the possibility of jerks being jerks; the best you can do is minimize the risk of the good people being on the receiving end of jerky behaviour, balancing that against the expense, difficulty, and other concerns.

In this case: Sure, you can put your quickiemart clerks behind bulletproof glass; I’ve been to stores where this is done. I’m guessing bulletproof glass is expensive, though, and it doesn’t exactly create a warm and fuzzy shopping experience for those of us who are not jerks. There’s some level of crime risk that will make the expense and other negative impacts of glassing in your clerks worth it; apparently this particular location did not, in the analysis of its owner, rise to that level. Maybe now it does, I dunno. Probably it does at least merit security cameras that recorded this incident, allowing you your recreational outrage and increasing the likelihood that those responsible will be brought to justice; probably also it has things like a silent alarm to enable the clerk to alert police without spooking criminals into doing something everyone would regret, and a time lock safe to both reduce the owner’s exposure to theft and limit the appeal to would-be robbers. But none of that’s going to eliminate the possibility that some jerk’s going to come in and be really unpleasant to the clerk.

Oh, also, owners of c-stores who are not just cheap, but also smart, will take reasonable measures to promote security. Getting your store robbed raises insurance rates and takes money quite literally out of your pockets. Getting your clerks injured killed may conceivably lead to civil liability, depending on state law (my hunch is that it’s a tenuous case, but it’s possible, and would at least cost you legal fees and hassle). Plus, if your customers get to hear that your store gets robbed seven days a week and twice on Sunday, they’re going to hesitate to patronize it for fear of being incidental victims of robbery.

umm i aske dmy father…who dealt with this case?? the story is true. what people comment is not.

feel free:)

Actually your questions were first

then after a long rant about how people are blaming law enforcement,

an finally

So Ravenman’s observation that individual comments on facebook in favor of cutting officers paydon’t necessarily indicate a popular movement, are entirely on topic. If you wanted to talk about what should be done to improve security in convenience stores you should have asked that directly in the OP, and not just as the rhetorical question about safety glass that you answered yourself. Finally this looks more like a rant than a debate, not that there is anything wrong with that, but such threads probably should be started in the BBQ pit where a more freewheeling style is accepted.

In any case welcome to the dope, take some time to get to know the place. I think after you get used to us you will find that you get a much more informed discussion here than you ever will on Facebook, but by the same token you will get slammed if you can’t back up your arguments.

It’s hard to turn off teacher mode…

I don’t really care about Facebook comments, but having the facts of the actual case you seem to be distressed about would help this discussion.

and i didnt know that asking a question about something led to have to provide proof of something you read. facebook or not…i was simply asking a question about the security of clerks/cashiers. geez.

Around here when someone says “Something terrible happened to somebody-what can we do about it?”, we like to know the details of the situation to help create a proper solution.

So…what is it that you want to hear?

Yes, often people around here will link to an article to help explain the details. Then we can actually discuss and debate what could have helped in those types of situations. You seem put off by some of the reactions you’ve been getting, which, frankly, have been pretty reasonable. I’m not sure what you were hoping would happen when you posted your OP.