What is your beef with Hooters (the restaurant)

After reading a thread in the pit I have to think why people who don’t like Hooters don’t like Hooters.

First it seems most who don’t like Hooters have not been to one and have no intention of going.

It seems it’s not the ‘strip club’ aspect, as Hooters is not a strip club, but it’s more like it confirms some peoples fears. That being that the metrosexual is not the evolution of the male, and this shows we are moving away from that and towards recognizing that men like different things in general.

Now besides good looking girls in skimpy outfits, Hooters has simple good food, the type that you can get messy eating, Hooters provides a place to do that, to eat without worrying about proper eating etiquette. They provide a roll of papertowels at each table - the same as a man would have at home if left to his own desires.

It is this symbol of societal acceptance of the real male that bothers most IMHO.

For me, I would much rather go to Hooters then a strip club, I do like the food (I love their naked wings - so much that I have ordered them for pickup several times when I didn’t have time to stay) - simple good easy to eat and fun to eat food, I like getting a new papertowel anytime I want. and yes the outfits and the friendly wait staff…

I have the “Got Naked?” tee shirt from a visit to Hooters.

I don’t see the big hubub. They seem like a sports bar with shiny waitresses to me. I got a burger, fries, and a beer for $10 or so, can’t gripe about that.

and the dadgum Cuban sammich is awesome!!

As I expressed in the thread, I genuinely don’t get it. The waitresses aren’t dress any more controversially than you would see in any sports bar. Also like I said, the girls in Toby Keith’s bar are way, way, WAY more skanked up than you’d ever see at Hooters.

Their wings suck. Not even close to a true Buffalo wing recipe.

I don’t really have a beef with Hooters. I just don’t find it fun to go there for the same reason I don’t like going to strip clubs. (Prolonged stimulation - no release)

I’m not a wing guy. Doesn’t seem to be an overpowering reason to go there if you’re not a wing guy.

I beg to differ. Years ago, when I lived in a larger town, I was working as an associate in a small firm. When the new Hooters opened near the office, my boss decided that the girls there might possibly need some legal advice, so, as members of the bar, it was our duty to visit the establishment. We did, and found the advertised gals skimpily clad, but the food just sucked in fee simple absolute. It was also overpriced. I don’t mind paying a premium for “atmosphere”, but if I do, the food better be damn good. Since mine wasn’t, I haven’t been back.

Other than the food quality issue, I have no problem with Hooters, and applaud them for their efforts to raise money for a worthy cause, as mentioned in the Pit thread.

I’m not a wing guy either but they have a, IMHO, truly wonderful philly cheese steak.

I’ve never been; I’m not sure there’s even one nearby. Never been particularly tempted to find one.

It’s called “Hooters”, and there’s a picture of an owl. Like the girl washing her car in Cool Hand Luke; if you’re putting tits on display, have the guts to admit it. And there just seems to be a freshly-scrubbed, farm-girl, sweet-young-thing, Daisy-Duke, pretending-to-be-innocent, so-naughty-it’s-wholesome vibe to it all that just doesn’t do a thing for me.

I eat out alone quite often. Which is okay at most restaurants, but would just seem kinda skeevy at a Hooters.

And I’ve never cared much for buffalo chicken wings.

Hooters has an image, an image that it has encouraged, as a place where sexy, perky, scantily-dressed, beautiful women serve food and alcohol to men.

When the chain started, this was much more true – the restaurant has toned down, a lot. Now, the waitresses uniform includes serious bras and heavy pantyhose. Not so in the past. Bras were not allowed, and those shorts were a lot more revealing without pantyhose.

You know that wire leading back to the kitchen? The short waitresses had to really reach for the wire. So, management put them into crop tops. Reach up to place an order, and say hello to the twins! The drinking mugs were stored below the beer taps, so the girls had to bend over to get them, every time.

It was as close to a strip club as one could get with clothes on. Some lawsuits and PC legalities later, and you get what you have now. You can see more skin at the local college campus.

This original image of law-skirting debauch is still promoted, because that’s what Hooter’s customer base wants. An well-known side effect of debauch is outrage by blue-noses. Hooters, knowing they’re far on the correct side of the law, doesn’t care about this, and in fact enjoys the extra publicity.

I don’t have a priblem with Hooter’s - some of my girlfriends go there for the wings. I have tried the wings once and thought they were awful, so I’ve had no reason to go. There are too many places in this town with good wings to eat bad ones!

I don’t like Hooters because I think their food sucks. It’s got nothing to do with Hooters As Symbol Of Societal Accceptance Of The Real Male, although I gotta admit I think that’s a goofy idea in itself. There are plenty of places guys can go to look at cute girls in tight uniforms; Hooters is neither original nor unique. Nor do I think “The Real Male” is a surprise to anyone; since when is it surprising that guys like to drink beer, eat with their fingers, and look at cute girls? To whom is this a secret or a shock?

Personally I think their wings are terrible; I don’t know if they have anything resembling actual buffalo wing sauce, but after three times trying to get some from them, I gave up. If I want fried chicken I’ll go to KFC; if I want freakin’ buffalo wings I’m not gonna find 'em at Hooters.

I’ve also tried their chicken sandwich, and I found it pretty boring; I also didn’t like that you have to order fries separately. The service has never been anything but mediocre and overall I had no reason to go back.

My best friend worked at Hooters for five years; she was a waitress and then a manager. She made lots of money and had lots of fun. Why would anybody care?

I do find it interesting, however, that a lot of her girls ended up waitressing at strip clubs (after they got fired/quit/whatever), and a lot of the girls who waitress at strip clubs end up stripping. That isn’t Hooters fault; it speaks more to the mentality of the type of girl they attract than anything else, but as a gradual “breakdown” of one’s inhibitions, I find it noteworthy.

Been there a half-dozen times or so (a friend likes eating there). To me:

The food is subpar.
The beer is subpar.
I’m picky when it comes to women, so I find maybe 10% of the women attractive. The uniforms really don’t help with this, though it was better pre-hose days.
I tire quickly of “accidentally” being rubbed up on/bumped into/touched as a ploy for tips.

I’ve never been to Hooters. I don’t have plans to go. It’s not the type of place I’d enjoy, or feel particularly comfortable at. I realize my husband may look at women that are younger and more attractive than me, but I’m damned if I’m going to encourage it by patronizing such an establishment. That’s just me. I also doubt I’d like the fare; I’m not much for wings, burgers, etc.

I don’t get my undies in a wad over Hooters, though. To each his own. Nobody’s making me eat there.

One went up in Fisherman’s Wharf in the time period that I knew a bartender at a place across the street, so I watched it go up, pretty much. Hooters has shitty beer for one, it’s in an annoying part of town for two, and third, most of the guys I see in there are cheesedicks. YMMV.

The food’s not worth the price, and while I find the concept cute enough it’s not terribly interesting to me either, at least in its current incarnation. I can understand people finding it tacky- that’s kind of the point -but acting as if it’s some horrible affront to morality or sexual equality is inane.

Well, if you’re going to be showing your body for pervos a lot of girls figure it’s better to do so in a strip club where you don’t have to shuttle greasy food around for a measly tip. Strippers get to choose who they deal with and they get to do it on their own terms, plus most do not have to work a set schedule. It’s not too hard to see why a lot of women would rather strip than peddle hot wings.

As for strip club waitresses becoming strippers, I think a lot of them get in that environment and figure that it’s not going to be much worse dancing than it is serving drinks, and they know that’s where the cash is.

I never cared one way or the other about Hooters.

Hooters has good clam chowder, they might as well piss all over everything else because its all disgusting.
There’s also always a down syndrome guy having a birthday party every time I go in one… okay… its happned only three times… but I’ve only been in a Hooters four times. One in Chicago (that one twice), one in Seattle and one in LA.
It would creepy if it was the same guy in each Hooters. Really creepy.

Re Wings

Ok lets get somethign straight here, the wings you order are NOT buffalo wings UNLESS you order them naked. If you just order hot wings or even buffalo wings you will get breaded and fried wings w/ some buffalo sauce on them. You have to say the word NAKED to get the real deal.

I didn’t knwo that they toned it down, the toned down version is the only version of hooters I have went to, and I wouldn’t really want to toned back up.


I like Hooters. I like wings. I like chicken. I like hooters. I like tv with sports. If I haven’t been in a while, or there’s some wing special there, I’m happy with going. I don’t go to flirt or what not. I go to eat and sometimes ogle.

I’m all hungry now.