what is your favorite comic strip?

Mine is foxtrot :slight_smile:

All Time : Calvin & Hobbes

Currently Running: (Tie) Dilbert & Get Fuzzy

Zev Steinhardt (not a comic strip)

It’s Zits whut gits me fits.

Current favorite is The Boondocks, because (a) it’s got no-holds-barred writing that dares to tackle the big issues, and (b) the anime-inspired art is rather neat.

Boondocks. It’s the only one that makes me laugh out loud anymore. Today’s was great.

My all time favorite is the Far Side.

Sluggy Freelance and Get Fuzzy. I’m also somewhat partial to Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet.

Jerry on the Job: http://lileks.com/comics/jerry/index.html

My 3 favorites are:

  1. Foxtrot

  2. Zits

  3. Get Fuzzy

Mine are, in order:

  1. Dilbert

  2. Doonesbury

  3. Calvin & Hobbes (repeats)

  4. Foxtrot

  1. Sluggy Freelance
  2. Calvin & Hobbes
  3. For Better Or For Worse
  4. The Boondocks
  5. Zits

And that’s the end of that chapter.

Calvin and Hobbes! But since there aren’t any new strips, I think Mutts is pretty cool.

The Lockhorns

Get Fuzzy is my current fave. FBOFW is good too, as is Foxtrot. Dilbert is worthy, as is Stone Soup. Between Friends isn’t bad either. Most everything else is dismissable. Zits is ok, tho.

There are many, but these would be my three favorites:

For Better or for Worse
Peanuts (classic strip)

All time faves have already been named.
The ones I like these days:

Get Fuzzy
Monty (used to be Robotman, still miss Robotman)
Zits and Foxtrot get honorable mentions

Foxtrot is good,
Zits also,
but current favs are Get Fuzzy (linked above) and
Sherman’s Lagoon.

Get Fuzzy. I especially like the fact that the author (Darby Conley) has finally been able to put together storylines that last more than three days, and has gotten the ferret involved. The current story thread is about a month long, which is like a record for the strip.

I’ve also liked Arlo & Janis for years. It has characters that are probably the most grounded and easy-to-believe outside of For Better Or For Worse (the recent crocodile subbing for Arlo notwithstanding). But unlike FBOFW, it isn’t preachy/topical.

And I’ll call myself a fan of the Blondie & Dagwood strip (which could be called Blondie & Dagwood, Blondie, Dagwood, or Mr. Dithers Abuses His Employees for all I know, I don’t think I’ve ever actually bothered to look at the name of the strip). As opposed to other zombie-like strips where the current artist is the third- or fourth-generation to script it, its recycled stuff is quaintly entertaining to me. And, oh yes, Blondie is hot.

All time:
[li]Krazy Kat[/li][li]Pogo[/li][li]Barnaby[/li][li]Doonesbury[/li][li]Peanuts[/li][li]Calvin and Hobbes[/li][/ul]

[li]Dilbert[/li][li]Doonesbury[/li][li]Foxtrot[/li][li]Rose is Rose[/li][li]Boondocks[/li][li]Piranha Club[/li][/ul]

I’ve always been a Mr. Boffo man myself.

Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli.

Heart reminds me of me - artistic, curious, and feisty (okay, pushy).

Start on February 15, 2002 for his “Lord of the Rings” parody.

Start here for his “Wizard of Oz” parody.

The essential ingredient for a great meatball and keep reading, of course.

The local paper doesn’t carry it. Thank goodness for on-line.