What is your favorite Hymn?

Hymns are a special category within Gospel music. They are typically found in church hymnals. Hence the name. :slight_smile:

Alan Jackson released 2 CD’s of hymns. Both were very big sellers. His album Precious Memories charted number 1 on the country charts in 2006. Volume II released in 2013 charted #5.

My favorite hymn changes occasionally. Lately it’s been the Irish Hymn Be Thou My Vision. The best two covers are Alison Krauss and Union Station It’s my favorite. I play it every morning before getting out of bed. This Celtic version is very good too.

Nominate your favorite hymn. I’ll take the top six and make a poll to pick the most favorite next week.

My Song Is Love Unknown.

I collect hymnals.

“Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

My first thought, anyway. Certainly about the most fun to sing, and the only hymn in the Episcopal hymnal I know by number (it is 599…sounds like a price).

“Be Thou My Vision” is wonderful as well.

“Be Not Afraid,” “Here I Am, Lord,” and “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.” (You can tell I grew up Catholic in the 70s-80s!)

“Here I Am, Lord” is probably the winner.

“Starchild” is the only one I really like. I generally am disappointed with hymns as they seem to be made for angels to sing them, which they do really well, but it takes a very skilled human to be able to make most be enjoyable to hear IMHO

“Angel Band.”

Work, for the night is coming.

Sing With All The Saints In Glory - it will be the recessional at my funeral. Ode to Joy is the bomb.

Christ is Risen! Hallelujah! because we sing every Easter and I pretend I can hit the high note.

I Am the Bread of Life is good for a Communion hymn.

O Holy Night is Christmas.

His granddaughters sang Untitled Hymn at my uncle’s funeral, and that was the last time I cried.

Others too numerous to mention. I can’t sing worth a darn, but

Let’s hope so. To the family two pews over who only comes to church on Christmas and Easter, probably not.


It is Well With My Soul.

Knowing the backstory that Horatio Spafford wrote it shortly after learning all four of his daughters died in a shipwreck, it’s hard for me not to get choked up hearing it.

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Written by Martin Luther. I feel sorry for Catholics.

I go to a large Episcopal cathedral with a large, booming organ pipe organ and when this cranks up it almost shakes the building. Fabulous.

Is Amazing Grace considered a hymn? If so, it’s this card-carrying atheist’s favorite hymn. If not, then Ave Maria. I guess I only hear hymns at funerals.

We sang this in the Catholic church I grew up attending. Must have been during some ecumenical phase in the late 60’s.

So did we. And it’s a favorite of mine, too.

Wow. You picked like exactly the same three I would have. Also grew up Catholic in the 80s. I might add “On Eagle’s Wings.”

“A Mighty Fortress”

I guess I’m a good Lutheran ;).

Make you to shi-ine like the SUUUUUUN! :smiley:

Boring, but Amazing Grace and Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Don’t know if it’s actually my favorite, but I sometimes like to sing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” in the shower, in as deep a voice as I can muster.