what is your favorite website?

Other then the StraightDope of course! I have grown bored of my bookmarks… what do you all suggest??

I am sofa king, we todded.

umm… sorry… I kind of ment this for MPSIMS… opps… :frowning:


bored.com (where i found a link here)

dictionary.com (i cen’t spelt wurth a darn)



MCSWEENEYS.NET (if you haven’t been here. go go go now! this is an excellent site and worthy of some type of award with lots of gold and diamonds attached to it) (driest humor i’ve ever seen, it’s great, check it out!)

upstatic@hotmail.com if you’d like to talk to me about sites


Try checking the home pages of the posters here. :slight_smile:

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I like to read Seanbaby and Calvin and Hobbes

The facts, although interesting, are irrelevent.

Some of the websites I visit:

Brunching Shuttlecocks

Beginner’s Guide To Self-Immortalization

Church of the Holy Spork

Total Obscurity

Where’s George


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Everyone probably knows about this one, but www.theonion.com is the only humor site on the internet.


I beg to differ. McSweeneys.net has much more comedy and parody to offer. They even sell T-Shirts!


Gotcha covered.

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