What is your gender?

I’m sure we’ve done this poll before, but I’m curious what the statistics are these days.

This one is a few months old, but it might help your data set if you like.
Sexuality& Gender on the Dope.

I’m male, but it doesn’t fit into boxes.

♀ here.

Well that’s not good. :frowning:

☉♃☽ Here.

But seriously, male.
(On a related note, I’m heavily surprised the alchemical symbol for Mercury ☿ hasn’t been adopted either in evil female jokes or that “naughty girl” subculture).

Your poll says something about the gender of people who read IMHO and want to post to polls, but bear in mind that that group could have a different gender ratio than the SDMB as a whole.

At least this was an easy question to answer.

Wouldn’t it have been better to have the choices of responders open to the public?

Not sure? How do I find out?

I like dogs.
Long walks on the beach.
Ice cream, but not chocolate.

Maybe I just ask the wife, she’s always right, even when she’s completely wrong…eh right.

I’ve seen some intersexed folks use the Mercury symbol to represent a third gender option.

Just in case there is still any confusion as to my gender, I am still a male.

I’d have expected the results to be 50/50.

It’s closer to 50% than the other fora I hang out at…geek sausagefests, I tells ya! (And not in a good way)

It depends which restroom has a shorter line.

I’m so virile my underwear is pregnant.


Must be nice at a concert…